Wednesday 17 November 2010


Got distracted from the loo roll flowers...with a wee tree
so still need 11 more flowers to complete the wreath....
they got painted though...
takes me about an hour to make one flowers...must work quicker! lol
the lights below l now have in a vase used to be wound around this metal ring....untill one of the furballs decided to chew threw the one cable and put out half the lights! so undid it and made a table light with it....
tried a few round petals with the latest couple...slightly different look and found masking tape was the easiest to hold the layers together glue was taking too long to dry
Thanks for the lovely comments but all down to Michele and her idea

Hugs all x


  1. Love the effect Suz. I finished all my customer's sewing and then made a few more Christmas wreaths so it looks as though we have both been busy today :-)
    A x

  2. oooh Suz, its gorgeous!! I need more loo rolls and need to get some more practice making them, have one on WOYWW post i did earlier but not happy with make it look so easy !! cannot wait to see the end result xxx


  3. Love the wreaths Annie..made similar a few years back takes a lot of fabric don't you think?
    Kaz...believe it or not almost gave up on them the 1st one l made but kept l can make one in about half an hour then spray paint them in a batch hehe
    Keep going you'll get there
    Hugs Both xx