Sunday 7 November 2010


Morning all....
after looking a the picture yesterday decided l really didn't like the beige so unpicked it yet again and re did it for the 5th time hehe...
but as it makes up fast by the end of K&N l had the front done...thanks for a good afternoon and the sparkly yarn...going to have fun with that..thanks Lib
and enough mohair left to finish the granny square l started weeks ago as the back...should be finished by tonight....loving this soft fluffy and subtle colouring and one skein has made a cushion too
mixed with a strand of cream acrylic for the front on a 9mm hook front 6mm hook for the granny
Now l'm no cook as you will remember me saying but l'm going to make some Shrewsbury biscuits today a practise run for the Christmas biscuits l want to make snowflakes using this set of cutters from Lakeland
but today l will use hearts and stars....should be fun!
wish me luck l'll need it 
and l'll throw some paint around too......that should fill the day nicely lol

Not ventured out of bed yet but it feels cold and l'm told its wet of those days to fill the house with nice baking smells and a warm glow hey? lol

Wishing you a snugly Sunday
hugs all xx


  1. That cushion cover looks lovely and soft. I like the colour combination. Not done much today as I've caught Hubby's cold and cough, so I've been lying on the sofa with a ball of wool and the intention to knit a pair of wrist-warmers.
    Could just do with a cup of tea and a Shrewsbury biscuit to make me feel better ;)

  2. Your project looks so soft and cozy! Very pretty!