Thursday 26 November 2015

CROCHET: Giant Grey Flower Star

Been playing around with the giant star flower....

love them all but think the original 8 petals is best

Wednesday 25 November 2015

12 Weeks of Gifting, WEEK 9 Christmas Daisy Bunting

Christmas Rose Bunting and Flower garland
Made in July 2014 but would make a great Christmas Rose Bunting too
Simple Pattern in two sections garland base and petals
Cotton dk 4mm hook

in a green of your choice
finger wrap of 5 wraps
10sc [10dc] into the circle ch20, 10sc [10dc] in the second ch from the hook, 
ch20, 10sc [dc],in second st from hook to make a new circle, 
ch10, repeat until you have the required length. ch20 and finish with the last hanging ring.

att. yarn in any st, ch2, 2dc [2tr], into same st, 2dc [2tr], ch2 sl st into same st, sl st into next st, repeat for all 5 petals

Christmas Daisy Rainbow Bunting

DK and a 4mm hook 
US Terms and UK Terms in brackets
chain 3, sl st into a circle or use a magic circle, 
Round 1: dc [tr], ch1,repeat 8 more times (9 total)
Option 2: for the centre 
a finger wrap of 10 wraps 9sc [9dc], into circle

Round 2: cluster of 3dc [3tr], in first ch sp, ch2, 
NOTE: to make a cluster half make a dc [tr], 3 times and then draw together and anchor with a ch st.
repeat until you have 9 petals, sl st to finish round.

Round 3: start in any ch space, 3dc [3tr], ch4, * 3dc [3tr], in next space, 

ch2, 3dc [3tr], in next space, ch2, 3dc [3tr], in next space, ch4* repeat from * to * to finish the last side, 3dc [3tr], in next space, ch2, 3dc in next space, ch2 

sl st, to complete.

Round 4: Start in a corner ch4 sp, *4tr [dtr], ch3, 4tr [dtr], 

ch2, 3dc [3dtr], in next 2 spaces with ch2 between, ch2, repeat from * until all three sides are complete, 

2ch and sl st to finish.
From this point sl st, to the second st, you are now ready to do the shell st.
of round 5.

Round 5: Shells made of 7dc [7tr], in corner spaces, sl st in second st of 4tr [dtr], 5dc [5tr], in side sp,  sl st  in second st of granny cluster,

repeat for second side, finish with 7dc [7tr], in third corner, complete round with sc  [dc], in every st across the 3rd side this will be the top of the bunting, sl st to complete.

Joining together
make as many flags as required
Start with a hanging ring
finger wrap of 4 wraps, 12sc [12dc], into circle, 

ch10, sc [dc], into the first 2 sts of the shell, sc [dc], in every st across top of flag, sc [dc], in last 2 sts of the shell, ch2, 

repeat for all flags, ch12, sl st into the second st from the hook,
 12sc [12tr], into end ring  

Christmas Rose Grland

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Stool cover in Granny Squares

Has made a wonderful Granny Square star page 58 for the stool cover pattern...

 just get round 10 add a couple of extra round same as 9 and 10 and add 6 granny points...Star is born

It would make a great cushion too

Thursday 19 November 2015

CROCHET: Seeing colour

Cath Kidston colours

Purple and Blue
Blue and Green

The Original Rainbow
on their own or mix them all together

bring out the flower centre and use a one colour background

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Stranne Light to complete today and a rainbow of Stars

To finish the Ikea Stranne light I started in 2011
I completed one but never got to finish the second...todays the day I hope

The Stranne Flower Light sits very happily in the dining room but the second is hidden away in a corner not being used so hopefully today I will a cut and add all the flowers and it will be perfect in the newly decorated room

They are great at Christmas as all the lights reflect on the glass doors and it looks like there are tiny lights every where when it goes dark

I am also making some rainbow stars....this one i made a couple of years ago as 
Christmas cards, stiffened and a Merry Christmas message added

This is the new one, i've used the hexagon daisy pattern from my book for the centre and then added the star points, a little bigger than the first rainbow star
as i've used dc [tr] instead of sc [dc] 

Not the best picture but taken as i finished last night, I will take more today in better light.
UPDATE: A few better pictures of the rainbow stars

difference in size to the giant grey Star

and the smaller rainbow star in hand to show the size

still quite generous in size