Tuesday, 17 November 2015

URBAN OBSESSION...Gets my vote

Second coat on, I will let it dry over night then tidy the white where i've had the shakes and it needs a bit of tiding.....not got such a steady hand these days

But i couldn't resist a little playtime...what to put over the fireplace now its got a new look...

 not for Christmas but for the rest of the year...

the nail is a little high, would need to drop down a few inches but a few things around the house that might look great over the fireplace

or maybe a star shaped Mirror

lots more options but the camera died so on charge ready for the next options

Beginning to look a tiny bit Christmassy

New mats in pale grey for the coffee table to replace the multi coloured ones

no more about the newly painted wall just posts about my Christmas Crochet and the final decorations....going to get this room finished and fully decorated for early December


  1. The mirror and heart get my vote! Looking very,very nice in your little 'snug'. Something in dusky pink would be nice on mantle too? Can't wait for next installment. x

    1. Hi Nana, Thanks, i like the Mirror too, dusky pink would look great i agree. It seems lots are popping in to peek too...almost 2000 page views yesterday lol...hope they don't all leave a comment i will be here all the day answering them lol x