Monday 30 May 2011


Had a fabulous day with friends Alison and Dave..the couple we went on holiday with earlier this year and the same friends we were going on a cruise with next year...
change of plan.....we decided to be big kids 
and relive our past trips to USA here we come
Even more excited about this trip than the cruise lol

TK Maxx Purchase this afternoon
Hung on the hall wall opposite the mirror so you see 2 as you come through the front door
a bargain for £15 originally £40...good old T K Maxx
This mirror hung there until l moved it too the craft room...where it looks bigger and better

and twice as much flower for the £ this morning too...
all five flowers blossomed over night...absolutely stunning

Ikea update...
Just waiting for my cousins daughter and other half Sarah and Mike,to turn up and collect the 
Ikea sideboard we no longer have room for
Phil posted a message on Facebook Saturday evening and with in minutes Sarah said she would like it, so l know it's going to a good home
Managed to get the narrow side strips and the1st coat of paint on my new work table but l'm afraid no further progress made...l fell asleep after Phil went to work Sunday morning and only had time for one coat...didn't wake up until he came home again...ooops lol

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the craft room makeover and the Ikea Flower Light has been on Ikea Hackers...and gone down real well first day was page viewed by almost 1, stats yet

Hugs to all xx

Sunday 29 May 2011

NEW 'SANDWICH' WORK TABLE...Ikea TV unit getting a second make over

Aren't these just perfect?...a pressie from Phil he knows l love them...isn't he just lovely,
 makes me things and buys me beautiful flowers too?

and look at the temperature in the craft room yesterday

New Sandwich Craft a treat
Originally a huge black Ikea TV unit having a second make over...
Friday l scribbled a design and explained it to Phil
 We bought the wood and mdf, Boys Boden cut it to the measurements we wanted, l held it in place and Phil glued and screwed it together.....white paint at the ready for me today
What do you think?.....
30 seconds to hide the mess, loadsa space to work and great underneath storage...brill
Took us about an hour to transform it
today l will finish off with front leg strips and paint it
and just 5 minutes to make it look pretty...
Going to do a white wash on the Ikea work tops and paint the sides and front a glossy white
Then l'll add some rails to hang things on...just what a crafter, trying to be tidy needs, hey?

Have a super Sunday everyone
and thanks for all the wonderful things you have all said about the craft room make over
Hugs to all xx

Saturday 28 May 2011


Can't win can l?..tidy it all up and don't get me wrong l love it. But had a moment this morning looking at the colourful craft mess of a week ago lol

before and after...what a difference hey?
the cube units tidied into the sitting area of the craft room...l don't want to go to bed at night now
It's a wonderful light filled cosy space to lounge in now..very very happy
It will look real pretty when we have visitors, a very usable space now....
just a few jam jars and night lights...aaaah!
Redesigned the big table and hoping to get that done today along with the unit top..base units so no top yet
I still need to use the shelves and space under the table for storage. Originally a black Ikea TV unit we cut in link to see the original black Ikea TV unit hack
 So l've come up with an idea to cover the sides and to make a double top to the table with a hinged lid Open it will be a messy craft table closed it will look like this space lol

Have a fabulous weekend....just put the washing out so now it's pouring...bum!
Hugs to all x

Friday 27 May 2011

Craft Room Makeover update

Did l say we needed to take a couple of doors back because they were scratched?....oooops 
try removing the film for that perfect glossy look!
Didn't l feel a wally!
thanks Phil you're a wonderful wonderful guy..
The doors are on but still a mess to deal with by mid day today...
going to remodelling the big storage craft table hoping to get that done over the weekend.
So everything that is stored underneath it has been removed for modification, so not quite as tidy as l'd hoped to be, but for now the table is looking very white and tidy
and one of the sofas has been stripped...
still lots to do but getting there slowly...Splodge has given it the once over, but the top is still to go on so he was walked along the edge sniffing everything inside

but mostly they have all slept on anything that took their fancy and was lying around

eventually there will be another row of white storage boxes and a couple of cat beds on top of the units
for afternoon snoozes in the sunshine

Curry night tonight...can't wait
Our local Pub is owned by a Chinese/Scottish couple so we get the best of both worlds and they now do take away, so a pint on his way home from work tonight, while Phil waits for it
I suffer from really bad heart burn
but can anyone tell me why it never happens when l eat a hot spicy curry late at night?...
but a bread roll would have me up all night!
Doesn't make sense to me

Enjoy what's left of your day
Hugs to all x

Wednesday 25 May 2011


No pain, he's ok but a trip to the dentist this morning stopped us making any craft room progress

But l think l might have found the curtain fabric...a Scandinavian Designer

Inspiration Board
Mostly white with bright pink and lime
The top right picture is from the Simone Micheli residence...white floor to ceiling storage, pink sofa and splashes of lime....3 of my all time favourite colours and l love the clean tidy lines

The green bowl and the flowers l already have
just can't find the bowl right's hiding some where?
The rug has got to stay 
l think the Scandinavian fabric will go nicely when the sofas are recovered with pink

Chris asked how l remember where everything is?....with difficulty some time lol...all the boxes are labelled now and eventually when all the units are up l will have a cupboard for each craft and all my wools will be in the cube units with a coloured label so l know which colour is in each box..well that's the plan

Friends coming for the day on Monday so got to be something like for then, not sure the curtains and sofas will be finished but at least we will be tidier
Cross everything....hoping the units will be up and running tomorrow

Hugs to all xx

Tuesday 24 May 2011

New units arrived and by noon.....

we had 3 double units made up and by 2 o'clock l had them filled....
seating area almost sorted....
just the real mess on the big work table to sort and pack away into the second layer of units tomorrow
recover the sofas, new curtains to go up and the new cat gallery on top of the units to make
happy happy happy
'cos l can close the shiny white doors on all the stash and the room will be a lovely tidy
summer sitting room.....just how l planned it a year ago
only managed to get 2 doors on and then Phil had to go to work...for a rest lol

cya tomorrow hugs to all x


Old radiator removed and the new one installed yesterday 
and all the holes filled, some painting to do but really playing the waiting game now...
new excited...promised Phil it won't change again...he said he didn't believe me!...mmmm
l wonder why? lol  It won't, promise
Hoping the new storage will arrive sometime today. 
I turned the cube units so they are now low line, hoping almost every bit of crafty mess will be concealed inside the new units and these cubes will be filled with pretties and the TV and nothing else

Orange sofas will be recovered and new curtain up to replace the nasty blinds that are at the window/French doors...bit difficult to see right now as there is 'stuff' every where
so many files...l love to file things and keep records of everything
orange patch under the old radiator!
Looks like this room was once painted the same colour as the orange l've loved my orange sofas but the whole room would have been a step too far

Fingers crossed the door bell rings soon

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx

Sunday 22 May 2011


As always he cheerfully helped me move and remove stuff
now that has got to be a record, even for me lol 

When we moved to Bakewell and he said l should have the conservatory as my craft!
 How lucky was l?...l made plans, knew exactly what l wanted to do, but never carried them through

Until now that is, so we needed to create some chaos yet again,
everything that was tidied and neatly sorted at the end of the craft room
just had to be removed yet AGAIN!
ooops!..the boys were not impressed either

Not telling any more but if you pop back in a week all should be revealed...crossing everything 'cos right now the chaos is causing one or two problems lol
Naughty me hey?...but he loves me really

Hugs to all x

Saturday 21 May 2011

combining two paper flowers
 Three large and three smaller flowers cut, then divided into 3 sections and glued together 
on a small circle 
But instead of adding a circle centre l added a small rose
Then it was glued to a sewn garland of recycled papers

The 1st Ikea Stranne Flower Light is finished and behind a chair in the kitchen for now
Trying to decide on what colour to make the second one or make a pair?

NooNoo gone off to the paint shop today
Passenger door has been stripped, filled, sanded and primed ready for a new coat of or two teeny tiny spots of rust coming through so having all of the green resprayed
The fight with the gate badly needed sorting ready for the wedding at the end of to look posh for that..going to be decorated with a pale peach for the special day

Have a wonderful weekend
hugs to all xx

Thursday 19 May 2011

Last stages of the kitchen make-over

Almost finished...
lighter, brighter and more space

 before...although the units are the same but they looked darker and heavier than they do now
It's made a big difference removing the upper units, good riddance to the corridor effect l say

Still a bit of finishing off to do but about 90% complete...for now
Some day we will replace the floor for oak and the unit doors for white...then it really will be complete
but for now we're happy

Front door to change, stairs to replace and the 'put off' bathroom to follow, hoping to do all 3 before the end of the year
Short list of new front doors...

Have a thoughtful Thursday
Hugs to all xx

Tuesday 17 May 2011


Well it's on the wall...the floor..the cats...and definitely a job that needs lots of practise...we did our best anyway.
A bit of Polycell's 'SMOOTH OVER' and a couple of coats of paint should see it looking ok
FAB produce l'd never be without it

This morning it is almost dry, so shouldn't be long before its painted and the shelves are up
Another 7 lights finished really have run out of card now so need a couple of sheets to finish it off and the garland l've made in the same colours

Dentist for Phil this morning..fingers crossed all is ok

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx

Monday 16 May 2011


Still got 15 to make but 21 complete so here's the 'how too'
 Looks great in the dark too...

How to make the Flower light
The Pattern
2 sizes: basically a 4.5" and 3.5" circle divided into 12 sections you don't need the hole in the center for this one
cut the circle out of your chosen thin card and cut the 12 divides
I've used a random selection of the two sizes
they don't need to be absolutely exact..petals aren't!
l hand cut the one side of the petal all the way round first..easier to cut away from you
then turn it over and cut the other half of the petal
then add a curve to the petals with scissors
then add a WOODWARE CRAFT punch called BLINK BLINK centre in a contrast card
and glue into place
glue a punched circle to centre to complete the flower
NOTE: finish here if you want to make a garland...Make lots and glue to a garland of stitched circle one each side and hang...then sit back and watch them sway in the breeze

 Flower Light Continued...
punch a hole in the centre..l used my biggest small hole punch and it wasn't quite big enough so l used scissors to make it a little bigger
it needs to be about a quarter of an inch..the size of the screw of the bulb 
remove the tiny bulb
push the flower onto the bulb
then screw the bulb firmly back into the holder it needs to be in quite tight
switch on the make sure it lights up
make 36 and the light is complete
I made mine with 5 colours of card, pale grey, white, and cream, pale beige and a pale peach

These bulbs don't get hot but my advise would be 
just like a candle

This is my idea and l would be grateful if you can
PLEASE link back to me and the idea..THANKS FOR THE COURTESY 

Have fun a marvellous Monday and look forward to seeing your lights
off to plaster the kitchen wall this morning and finish off we hope

hugs to all xx