Thursday, 12 May 2011

New the bath and panic over...did you have problems this morning?

Couldn't post on the ol' blog this morning....maintenance so they said...panic over, lol
New the bath!
not the best haircut l've ever had but certainly not the worst...and l did it in the bath  all before 8 this morning...a bargain hehehe
Feeling much better about my hair now...that's for sure

How long did it take you to find your hairdresser?

Took me years and then she went and had Twins and gave up work..argh!!
I've tried half a dozen different hair stylists since, l've also taken the scissors to it myself in desperation, a couple of times over the last month, but never gone quite so mad. Half an hour later after a snip here and a snip there l have a new hair style....hope Phil likes it when he gets home!

Curly Flower Edges
People have been asking how l make the flowers curl....
drag the petals one at a time between flat scissor blade and thumb or just use your thumb nail for smaller stretches the one side of the card/paper and makes it curl slightly

Then if you want more curl..roll between finger and thumb

Have a thoroughly crafty day everyone
l'll do a few pattern sheets today for anyone wanting them..mail me if you want a copy

Thanks again for the lovely comments
Hugs to all xx


  1. Love the haircut :-) I found a new haidresser when I moved to my current city just over 6 years ago. I am nevah letting her go!!!

  2. Hi Esther..exactly my point so hard to find, you hang onto them don't you?..thanks it will do until l get fed up with it again hehe
    Hugs x

  3. You look great :) I love your haircut! (I just need to get longer hair again to go back to the hairdresser... but I know just what you mean!)

  4. This haircut is so edgy! I love it! I am also obsessed with your flowers too :)

  5. Wow! Adorable haircut =-) I would never be so brave...I have long straight baby fine hair so I do give it a trim now and then but would not have the guts to try to cut an actual "do"...

  6. The haircut looks great Suz! I love what you're doing with the flowers and it looks like you're getting some sunshine!! Hope you're having a great time!

    Hugs XX

  7. Suz, I love your haircut, and I think it is great you did it yourself. The flowers are great. Have a wonderful day,

  8. Love love love your haircut. Terrific work. I've given up trying to do it myself.

    As for me and how long it took to find someone good, I found one in my hometown and then she also went and had a baby and gave up the job. Then my bff told me of one who was an hour away (but closer to my DH's apartment in the city) so I went to her and then SHE had the nerve (LOL) to leave that salon and find a salon in her own hometown. Six months later my bff stalked her to that place and so did I. So now I drive about 90 minutes to have mine done but she is SO worth it. :) If you find the best, you sometimes have to work to stick with them. ;)


  9. Looks like the loss of blog yesterday due to maintenance has deleted all the lovely comments you made on my new hair do lol
    But Thanks anyway..real pleased with it and l get out of bed and run in fingers through it and l'm ready to go..simple!
    Hugs to All and thank you again xx

  10. love the haircut! I have a thing about hairdressers (don't really like going) so I love the idea of cutting your own hair - fab!