Sunday 29 May 2011

NEW 'SANDWICH' WORK TABLE...Ikea TV unit getting a second make over

Aren't these just perfect?...a pressie from Phil he knows l love them...isn't he just lovely,
 makes me things and buys me beautiful flowers too?

and look at the temperature in the craft room yesterday

New Sandwich Craft a treat
Originally a huge black Ikea TV unit having a second make over...
Friday l scribbled a design and explained it to Phil
 We bought the wood and mdf, Boys Boden cut it to the measurements we wanted, l held it in place and Phil glued and screwed it together.....white paint at the ready for me today
What do you think?.....
30 seconds to hide the mess, loadsa space to work and great underneath storage...brill
Took us about an hour to transform it
today l will finish off with front leg strips and paint it
and just 5 minutes to make it look pretty...
Going to do a white wash on the Ikea work tops and paint the sides and front a glossy white
Then l'll add some rails to hang things on...just what a crafter, trying to be tidy needs, hey?

Have a super Sunday everyone
and thanks for all the wonderful things you have all said about the craft room make over
Hugs to all xx


  1. I love adjusting Ikea stuff to my taste. When we moved here we bought 4 non-matching dining chairs and painted them all the same colour (lush Havana Blue!) and now they match and it looks fab. I love what you are doing to your place.

  2. love those pink flowers ,i have them on my table to :) nice job on the craft table :)

  3. Suz, I just love your craft room.

    Phil must be the perfect husband, he is very handy and can make everything. He buy you flowers as well. Just perfect ;-)

  4. Love the job you've done on the old ikea tv stand - the white look finishes it off brilliantly.

  5. OMG, the peonies!!! What a guy you have there! Love the's fantastic!

  6. Dear Suz, I must say you are a FAB designer and have made a dream craft room. I'm uber impressed and quite frankly jealous. :-)

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Gosh that is fabulous!!

    S x

  8. What a great idea for a craft table.
    I've got the age-old problem of having to use the kitchen table (where the light is best) and then having to move everything for the little 'uns to have tea.

    Those tea lights really transform it too.
    If you have time, please do pop over to my blog - I love crochet too! Xx

  9. What a great craft table and the cubes blend into the wall so well. Lovely flowers.

  10. Thanks everyone....coming together, all the finishing off takes so long
    1st coat of paint on my worktable yesterday
    little bit of filled and wet and dry next then a 2nd coat..may be a 3rd and then matt varnish to seal the lot with wet and dry in between each layer...that will give a lovely silky smooth finish
    Hugs To all

  11. OMG! You are a genius! What a cool and creative idea.