Tuesday 17 May 2011


Well it's on the wall...the floor..the switches...us..the cats...and definitely a job that needs lots of practise...we did our best anyway.
A bit of Polycell's 'SMOOTH OVER' and a couple of coats of paint should see it looking ok
FAB produce l'd never be without it

This morning it is almost dry, so shouldn't be long before its painted and the shelves are up
Another 7 lights finished really have run out of card now so need a couple of sheets to finish it off and the garland l've made in the same colours

Dentist for Phil this morning..fingers crossed all is ok

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. You are so industrious! A real inspiration. Hope Phil's teeth are A-One with no problems. Can't wait to see your wall all put back together, does that finish the kitchen re-do? Love your light tutorial! Very pretty. Hugs, Teresa :-)

  2. Plastering a wall to a smooth finish is not as easy as it looks - but the photos look like you've done a decent job. Good luck on your project

  3. There are only a few things in life that you couldn't pay me enough to do and plastering a wall is right up there in that group! I think you guys did a great job, especially for not being professionals.

    Hugs XX

  4. Hi Teresa thanks...Teeth ok and plaster dry been over it with 'smooth over' for any little dinks

    Hi Manny welcome to my blog and thanks
    For our 1st go at a complete wall, we're pleased, truth will out when the paint goes on later today lol
    Hi Barbara...hehe do argree really but trying to do things as cheaply as poss this time round
    I think both of us are thinking may be another move before we are finished so improvement without too much cost means it might just be possible before it's too late
    Hugs to all x

  5. The Kitchen doors look great, but had you thought about applying some matching self adhesive vinyl to the 'white' ends of the units?


  6. Hi Robert...you've missed the built up to this post...its white l'm trying to achieve..all white eventually so no l've not considered applying vinyl..if the doors had been wood l would have painted them but they're not so one day they will be changed for white wood, l've got rid of enough of the black to be happy...for now