Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Old radiator removed and the new one installed yesterday 
and all the holes filled, some painting to do but really playing the waiting game now...
new storage...so excited...promised Phil it won't change again...he said he didn't believe me!...mmmm
l wonder why? lol  It won't, promise
Hoping the new storage will arrive sometime today. 
I turned the cube units so they are now low line, hoping almost every bit of crafty mess will be concealed inside the new units and these cubes will be filled with pretties and the TV and nothing else

Orange sofas will be recovered and new curtain up to replace the nasty blinds that are at the window/French doors...bit difficult to see right now as there is 'stuff' every where
so many files...l love to file things and keep records of everything
orange patch under the old radiator!
Looks like this room was once painted the same colour as the orange sofas....now l've loved my orange sofas but the whole room would have been a step too far

Fingers crossed the door bell rings soon

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Hope you get your delivery very soon :-)
    A x

  2. Looking forward to the next stage!

  3. Thanks..they arrived as Wickes said they would, l'm so excited
    They should all be made up and filled by tomorrow
    Hugs both x