Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Kitchen update...not quite finished but a very productive Easter Holiday

Slight ooops as we finished off last night, for this week anyway, Phil drilled through the wiring and blew the power out lol..so a bit of a hold up and another job to do

So much dust to deal with and poor Phil back to work today,
 the day job that is...lol 

Tiles look great now they are grouted..still need to do the paining but having an afternoon off today
playtime to come....what to hang up again and what to display where?
Can't do anything with the opposite wall yet until it's been plastered and the floating shelves are up 

We've managed about 80% complete, l suppose.....always takes longer than you think doesn't it?

All the left over units are up in the garage ready for Phil to fill, so nothing has been wasted 

The weather has been really kind to us all holiday, the sun is so bright again today
tried to take a picture through the French doors...the planted area of the garden in the back has gone mad, the plants have more than doubled in size in such a short time, but even with a flash on it was too bright to see outside properly
We did all the cutting and sawing in the sunshine, windy for a couple of days hence all the dust inside the house..but all in all it's been a great and productive Easter Hols

I got Phil to dig out my shiny red bike that's been hiding....mmmm, must be 5yrs.
The plan is to get a little outside exercise and fill my lungs with fresh air instead of dust this next few weeks...mmmm not sure how long that idea will last!

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs xx


  1. It looks great. I noticed that IKEA metallic pot with holes - I have similar ones :).

  2. Your kitchen is looking great, such an improvement and you get it all done so quickly too. Love the tiles.

  3. Kitchen is looking great Suz. If you can manage the 10 miles on the bike then I promise to make a drink for you when you get here [but always wise to check I'm here before setting off] :-)
    A x

  4. Wow, it is looking wonderful Suz.

  5. I'm so glad your happy with it, it looks great! I had to read back a couple posts..didn't know those shelves were called floating..hmmm..bet you got a kick out of my comment! lol I know I did!! Us backwood folks don't keep up with such things! oh well, it was a good laugh! Love the pics..makes me want to stop by!
    take care!xx

  6. Lovely. So, glad to hear and read just how happy you are with it. But, knowing you. I'm guessing you will continue to work on it and add a splash of color here and there....

    What's on the hook lately?

  7. Gorgeous Suz. I love it.

  8. Oh! It looks SO nice! Really fantastic! I bought the flooring for my kitchen today...my carpenter keeps telling me, "Soon, soon..." I can NOT wait! It looks really nice so far but I want it DONE! =-)

  9. Forgot to say: I really LOVE that cushion to the left in the sidebar, under the Colourmart title...the orange, green and white hex flowers...is there a pattern for that one somewhere?? =-)

  10. You may feel like it's going slowly, but I think you are speeding right along! It looks bright and open and so shiny! A kitchen like that and I'd almost want to cook something! :) Absolutely lovely, Suz!