Saturday, 21 May 2011

combining two paper flowers
 Three large and three smaller flowers cut, then divided into 3 sections and glued together 
on a small circle 
But instead of adding a circle centre l added a small rose
Then it was glued to a sewn garland of recycled papers

The 1st Ikea Stranne Flower Light is finished and behind a chair in the kitchen for now
Trying to decide on what colour to make the second one or make a pair?

NooNoo gone off to the paint shop today
Passenger door has been stripped, filled, sanded and primed ready for a new coat of or two teeny tiny spots of rust coming through so having all of the green resprayed
The fight with the gate badly needed sorting ready for the wedding at the end of to look posh for that..going to be decorated with a pale peach for the special day

Have a wonderful weekend
hugs to all xx


  1. the flowers look amazing!

  2. Fabulous Flowers!My Grandaughter`s favourite Teletubbies DVD is `Naughty NooNoo` - hope yours isn`t as naughty!lol

  3. Love the flowers, my dear. SOOOO jealous of the VW van! Hubby has been watching craigslist for one, but they are very expensive for a nice one. It would so be like going back in time as we had a brand new bright red one as our first new car together after getting married. A 1970 campmobile. Ahh the memories! Hugs, Teresa :-)

  4. Suz, the flowers are amazing as usual. Love the van I see a great road trip in your future.

    Happy Weekend,

  5. Those flowers are just awesome Suz!! Gorgeous actually. I'm sure NooNoo will look really spiffy when the new paint job is done.

    Hugs XX