Saturday 28 May 2011


Can't win can l?..tidy it all up and don't get me wrong l love it. But had a moment this morning looking at the colourful craft mess of a week ago lol

before and after...what a difference hey?
the cube units tidied into the sitting area of the craft room...l don't want to go to bed at night now
It's a wonderful light filled cosy space to lounge in now..very very happy
It will look real pretty when we have visitors, a very usable space now....
just a few jam jars and night lights...aaaah!
Redesigned the big table and hoping to get that done today along with the unit top..base units so no top yet
I still need to use the shelves and space under the table for storage. Originally a black Ikea TV unit we cut in link to see the original black Ikea TV unit hack
 So l've come up with an idea to cover the sides and to make a double top to the table with a hinged lid Open it will be a messy craft table closed it will look like this space lol

Have a fabulous weekend....just put the washing out so now it's pouring...bum!
Hugs to all x


  1. Again very envious what a fabulous crafy space you have! Nx

  2. If I`m going upwards when I eventually leave you all, I hope Heaven will be just like your craft space which is absolutely DIVINE! Lots of hard work but well worth it!What a result! Well done. x

  3. Wow, it looks very nice, when can I invite you to come over here en do my house??? I love it, well done!

    Love Judith

  4. WOW WOW WOW! I am so thankful you linked up to my blog...this looks fantastic!! I LOVE the white storage...totally my style. And it's so organized!! Your room is amazing...thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Glory be... it looks great. Nice job with the candles. You do know how to set the scene. But, turn on the light and get hooking or crafting again...he-he...

  6. Oooh Suz it's gorgeous! Can I come and sit in it with you lol? It looks so relaxing. Good job. x

  7. Ohhhhh wowwwwwwwww so nice and cosy!!!!!