Friday 22 April 2022

Flaming Stripe throw and Giant Flower for wrap


I'm trying the Magic Knot in a few projects just lately, always been very fearful of these teeny tiny knots coming apart so I've resisted using them. This blanket is quite a loose stitch and ends tend to reappear so thought it was time I gave Magic knots a go....fingers crossed they work.

I'm also going to show you a new method of using a start chain....often a tight row that makes your start tight and often your work curve a bit.   


US Terms

10mm Hook

Black for the border only. 100g

Gold for the border 100g

2 Strands dk worked as one

1: A short dye spaced yarn 300g [from Home Bargains]


2: A longer dye spaced yarn of similar colouring 300g [Ice yarn rainbow shade]

I'm always buying short dye space yarns and then don't like how they crochet. Working a short dye space yarn with a similar coloured long dye spaced yarn or a plain colour from the first yarn helps to give a smoother transition through the colours.


Very simple hdc stitch worked into the spaces NOT THE STITCHES. This will give you the look of moss stitch without doing the chain stitches between.

ch 90

ROW 1: hdc in the 2nd ch, from hook, hdc in the next ch, miss the 3rd, repeat hdc in next 2 sts, miss the next ch, repeat to end of row finishing with hdc, in last 2sts. [60hdc]


ch1 turn, hdc in the first and every sp, to the end of the row. [60hdc]

alternative pastel colour 

ROW 3 - 100: Repeat Row 2. [60hdc, each row]


ROUND 1 & 2: IN BLACK, hdc in every sp, hdc ch2 hdc in each corner


hdc in every sp, hdc, ch2 hdc in each corner.

ROUND 4 & 5: IN BLACK, hdc in every st, hdc, ch2, hdc in each corner.

You could leave this throw without a border, it would be the usual to do so. Most multi stranded throws don't have borders, the edges are quite neat and straight.


I am also adding giant flowers to this blanket, the pattern for these will be added next week, when I've completed the throw and decided exactly where they will go...


How to do popcorn stitch, but for this project use dc not tr,

US Terms
dk weight rainbow yarn
Charcoal dk yarn 
4mm hook

ch4, sl st, into a circle

ROUND 1: Ch2 counts as first dc, 4dc into first st, to make a popcorn st, popcorn st, of 5dc in next 5 sts, with ch2 between each. [6 popcorns of 5dc]


ROUND 2: ch2 [counts as first dc, 4dc into first st, to make a popcorn st, ch2, between, 5dc for next popcorn st, repeat a popcorn st, in each st. [6popcorn sts, of 5dc, ch2 between each]

ROUND 3: 1popcorn sts, of 5dc, ch2, second popcorn st, in same ch2 sp, ch2, repeat in each ch2 sp. of round below. [12popcorns of 5dc, ch2 between each]

ROUND 4:1 popcorn, ch2, 1popcorn, in the middle ch2 sp, of pairs of popcorn ch2, 1 popcorn, ch2, between pairs of popcorn. [18 popcorn, of 5dc, ch2 between each]

ROUND 5: 1popcorn ch2, 1popcorn in each sp, between pairs, ch2, 1popcorn in next 2 sps, repeat, to end [24 popcorn of 5dc, ch2 between]

ROUND 6: Att. CHARCOAL, for petals. 

sc, in first sp, 2sc, in next sp, sc, ch9, sc in next sp, *2sc in next 3sps, sc, ch9 sc, in next sp, repeat from * to end finish with the 2nd sc, in first sp, sl st to complete [2sc in every st, with ch9 in every 4th st]

ROUND 7: cont. in charcoal. 8dc, into the ch9 loop, ch3 picot at the point, 8dc in same loop, sl st, in the sp between 3rd and 4th sc,  repeat  to end [6 petals of 16 dc, with a ch3 picot at point]

Make as many large flowers as required to decorate your blanket. Sew onto blanket with small stitches so as not to show on the reverse side. 

make a wrap of 3 rows of popcorn, join as you go replacing the middle ch, of the popcorn as the joining stitch.

Sunday 10 April 2022

CAL 2022 Rainbow Moss Stitch Sampler blanket/wrap.



A very simple Moss Stitch CAL, for everyone. All the work done for you just by changing the colour of the next row.

A large moss stitch square blanket that folds in half to make a very think snuggly wrap.
Measuring approx.51" [130cm] square with a diagonal of around 6' 2" [188cm]

All done with the simplest of stitches: Moss stitch in a square no stitch change at all only colour changes in each row

MOSS STITCH: is sc, ch1 sc, ch1, repeated nothing more than that.  With ch3 for corners only.

YARN: weighs approx 860g
APPROX. 100g of each col. You use slightly less of the black and depending on your tension but one ball of 10 colours should make the blanket

All dk in 9 rainbow colours and a base colour of flecked black, charcoal grey, navy, or even solid black.
I've used. several brands of dk in... 
1. Purple, 
2. Magenta, 
3. Bright pink, 
4. Orange, a
5. Acid yellow, 
6. Soft lime green, 
7. Soft jade green, 
8. Turquoise, 
9. Lavender blue 
Flecked black as base col. Patons Fab dk in Black Denim.

My yarn is old and I've had it a long time so this is the nearest yarn I could find and is exactly the same as my yarn, its on offer here right now but you can get it from other yarn stores. Or even use solid coloured dk,

PART 1 PATTERN: US Terms, dk yarn, 5mm hook

HELPFUL NOTES: Please read.
Moss Stitch can be a little tight, so I've used a hook size bigger than normal for dk yarn, this will help with any tension problems and give your blanket a softer feel.

Moss stitch can also lean to the left, the direction of all your stitches, by reversing every few rounds this was corrected too.

I suffer with arthritis in my fingers and my tension can be all over the place, I found working with a 5mm hook, helped but could make the blanket get a little wavy, so I would use the 4mm hook for a round every 4 or 5 rounds, stopping the edge getting wavy. 

START: CH3 sl st, into a circle. Crochet over the tail as you go.

Round 1: Black Denim or chosen base colour, ch4, counts as a sc and ch3 corner, sc, ch1, then repeat following 3 more times, sc, ch3, sc, ch1, on the final corner sl st, into the  ch4 of beginning. Pull yarn through st, and carry through this first section.

Round 2: FIRST RAINBOW COL. turn and work in reverse, att. in any corner, ch4 counts as sc, and ch3 corner, sc in same corner sp, ch1, sc in next ch1 sp, ch1, repeat following 3 more times, sc, ch3, sc, in corner sp, ch1, sc, in next ch1 sp, ch1, then sl st, into first ch4 sp, cont.
rounds 1-3

Round 3: cont. with first rainbow col. repeat round 2 but with 2 side sp,
 sl st into first corner sp and repeat round 2,  ch4, sc in same sp, ch1, sc, ch1 in next 2 side sp, then repeat 3 more times, sc, ch3, sc, in same sp, ch1, sc, ch1, between in next 2, ch1 sp, repeat, sl st into ch4 sp, pull yarn through cut off and weave in end.

Round 4-28: REPEAT ROUNDS 1 in Base col. 2 AND 3 for each chosen rainbow colour. Finish with base col.

Part 1: 1 background colour, 2 rainbow sequence. this is an alternative colouring.

9 different colour section for this PART 1 of the CAL.

PART 2 will be posted next week.

PART 2: US Terms
Continue with the moss stitch: sc, ch1, repeated, with sc, ch3 sc at the corners.
Colour change: 2rows in your sequence of rainbow colours, with 2rows of black, alternate, finish with black. 36 rows in total if you have used a colour sequence of9 colours. 10 in total with the black.

PART 3:US Terms
Continue with the moss stitch: sc, ch1, repeated, with sc, ch3 sc at the corners.
Colour change: 5rows in your sequence of rainbow colours, with 1rows of black, alternate, finish with black. 54 rows in total if you have used a colour sequence of 9 colours. 10colours in total with the black.