Friday 30 November 2018


Local radio were talking about all the unusual Advent calendars there are these days, which got me thinking about all the unfinished project i have and all the stitches/rows/flowers/square i should be doing to complete a few projects, or those small Christmas presents i want to make...


It might clear a few unfinished project 

or make a few stocking fillers.

I've given it a lot of thought and gathered together a few ideas I want to complete or make, so from tomorrow 1st December 2018 i will start my 


If you have a few things lying around that really need completing then join me, MAKE A LIST OF ALL THOSE UNFINISHED PROJECTS

You could complete or at least get started again on a long forgotten project at the back of the cupboard 

I bet you have a few, even if its just one and you just do one row, 2 rows, 3 rows on it each day, something will be well on its way by Christmas

Share your pictures on my Facebook group if you want link below.. 

i'm going to start with a couple of small presents but it could be anything you need to complete or make for Christmas, hopefully this will be like the 
15 Minute Rule and we will all clear a few forgotten projects

for example for me it will be...

DEC.1st: One Headband.....alpaca
DEC.2nd: Two wrist warmers...alpaca...

and so on but i won't spoil the daily surprise, have a go it might be fun and will certainly help clear a few projects, I'm sure 

Monday 26 November 2018

Final day of Sue Pinner's workshop...

Thanks to Phil for keeping us all fed and watered all weekend, a wonderful job xx. 

Thanks to everyone who came and i'm assured enjoyed the fun, chat, new friends made, the goody bags, all the yarn, new patterns and crackers too lol...lots of new project to keep you busy now Hookers?


Some started The Weekend, some just did a sample of the weekender for future makes and went back to the main pattern,

 and in all the fun and chat we forgot to take pictures of everyones Weekender samples....oops!

another off shoot of the main pattern
modelled by Chris, thanks your a gem and a good friend xx

and Debbie for modelling the main wrap pattern

Thanks to all who join me for a wonderful weekend xx

What a cracker!

Next workshop will be released in January for sometime towards the end of March 

Sunday 25 November 2018

First Full day at Sue Pinner's workshop...

Another successful day, I think. 

Almost everyone managed the days work load, todays projects will be the completion for The Weekend sample, question time and to continue with the main project The Star Wrap or any of the Star or Christmas tree decorations...
or even one of the Christmas tree scarves.. 

There are lots of options from the 2 Workshop patterns

 The main pattern: The Star Wrap hanging on the blanket ladder
hoping today to get some one to model it for you to see...

Another little jacket from the same pattern
 and a selection go all the other patterns from the main 3 motif wrap pattern 

First project on today's list, will be the completion of The Weekender

 Several options to make this pattern too...

What everyone has achieved and some modelling for tomorrows picture gallery

they are all working really hard, to complete their first star here...

Saturday 24 November 2018

WORKSHOP FIRST EVENING...a great success

Well I think the first evening of Chat, Cheese and Crochet went very well, everyone learnt something new and I'm sure will be sharing lots of pictures with the Facebook group. Sue Pinner's Granny Squares just click the link and join the fun 

First few pictures of the WORKSHOP PATTERNS, 

This workshop has 2 patterns one will be a wrap, but much more than that each component of the wrap can me made into several other designs from blankets to decorations. All the yarn is provides and a i think the goody bags were a great success.
2 of the fabrics i used to make the totes

With something very special still to come...
Christmas Decorations an extra, off shoot of the main wrap pattern

Cya later Hookers, a full day of Hooky fun to come 

Sunday 18 November 2018

Gerbera Octagon


A bit like a Gerber flower 

Found this picture that I added to Pinterest many moons ago, I couldn't
find the pattern so i've re-written it link above.

I've used a random dyed yarn for this sample but you can use a plain yarn and  change colour each round

DK 4mm hook
Aran 5mm hook

Join as you go 2 points at sides and in the corners using a sl st. 
long trtr, petals, and infill pattern 

Monday 12 November 2018