Monday 14 October 2019

My Interlocking 'v' stitch from March 2014...

Back in 2013, i bought a book about interlocking stitches, they are quite complicated to do and if you know me i don't do complicated. After studying the book for some time i developed an interlocking stitch using 'v' stitch and granny shells...nice and easy.

I also tried out different combinations of the stitch over the following years, 'v' stitch and sc, mixing aran and chunky, dc and aran and its been copied several times and called all sorts but this is a stitch i created originally.

This is the original picture from March 2014 when i first published this stitch 
US Terms always used.

Several Versions followed over the years..

 above is done with 'v'stitch and sc..just a hint of colour
 This is a cotton version.... with a different colour for each granny shell row

and a space dyed yarn version

 mixing aran and marble chunky using a thicker yarn for the granny shells they blackberry effect pops a bit more

 A bag in interlocking 'v' stitch...

 more sc versions, mixing cotton and wool yarns together...a more subtle colour addition

 I also did a number of patterns in the pattern club in 2016 cowls and cushion..brilliant stitch for a cushion..less stretch