Monday 31 January 2011

New Mirror and a Second Teeny Tiny Purse

Enjoyed making the fist one so made a second version last night...not sure which l like the best 
cut a few petals from the scraps of the new fabric....ready to burn the edges and make some of the new flowers that are around at the moment to go on one of the new tops

CAMERA CARD PROBLEMS!...arrggghhhhhh!!one of my cards with hundreds of photos on has broken and locked itself so l can look but l can't touch any of annoying

Managed to find a spare card with some space on it to use until a new one arrives


Have a Marvellous Monday everyone
hugs xx

MIRROR INFO: l bought it in TK Maxx for those who have mailed me to ask

Sunday 30 January 2011

All finished at 4pm.

just big enough for loose change, keys and a lipstick and goes with the new holiday tops to be made soon

found a necklace l made over a year ago that will go very nicely with the holiday wardrobe too

Do you remember the mirror l wanted a few weeks back?....decided it was too much to spend even in the sale it was still £140 but yesterday l found a replacement....not quite as big or as decorative but love it all the same....
and only £16.99!...

camera/card playing up for some reason, so photo's of it to come at a later date
this one was on line
Skating on Ice and Lark Rise viewing for tonight
Hugs all x

Little bit of Holiday shopping....

Going all bright pinks white and a splash of lime and yellow!....
l wonder what this little project could turn into ready for a walk on the beach to watch the sun go down?....
bought some lovely fabrics for a couple of outfits yesterday and they just needed a little something to complete the look, ready for those evenings out.....
only 4.25"/11cm in diameter any guesses? lol

Not buying much for the trip just re-styling and being creative with what l have

Hope you all have a super Sunday
Hugs x

4pm update:
all finished with 4 small flowers sort of like the one print
enjoy your evening all

Friday 28 January 2011


Don't ask 'cos l don't know yet lol.....l just know l need lots and lots more 
been collecting these pots and cutting the rim off and crocheting over them in a rainbow of colours...some sort of screen type hanging but l really not sure where it's going...?
they are Weight Watchers puds so keeping to the diet ready for the sandy break

Have a fabulous Friday everyone
hugs x

Thursday 27 January 2011

24 became33 and growing and a Rainbow reappears

Phil says thanks for the good wishes....talking last night seems job safety is only ok for another year but l suppose 12 months is better than nothing the way things are right now lets hope things improve soon for all of us.....
or we win the lottery lol
The four of us decided on a date in March for a sandy break so the dieting is going up a notch..this belly is not invited!! hehe

24" BECAME 33"
and Lettuce is still doing fine thanks 
As you can see she loves her new bed in the middle of ours!
Dug this unfinished throw out of a box of half finished items......l have plans to make it grow some..
about 30" at the moment..too big for a cushion but not big enough for a throw

It seems like crochet macramé and knitting are still being used by the designers 
Nice bag by Ferragamo inspired by the 70...l'm sure there will be a few hand made versions around in the crochet world soon

Cute skirt from Dior too...
knee length may be! lol

Have a thoughtful Thursday everyone
Hugs x
Brupbrup decided he wanted a cuddle while l was trying to playing hooky on the scrap throw...

enjoy your evening everyone

Wednesday 26 January 2011


Now a square
Took me a while to get the straight edge right but got there in the end at midnight!

Since before Christmas Phil wasn't sure if he would have a job from 17th January
They kept the whole work force on edge for another week and l'm so sorry for the ones that got 
THE LETTER but Phil still has a job and for now we carry on being careful...just incase!

BUT...we haven't had a holiday for over 18 months, with moving house, so have decided to take a last minute deal to go some where, some time soon for some sunshine a beach and a couple of good books

We need to feel the sand between my toes

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone

Tuesday 25 January 2011


The Ends of yarn throw/cushion grew yesterday but running out of teeny tiny balls of scrap yarn but it has reached 24" diameter and big enough for a cushion

climbed into bed to watch Silent Witness last night......very dramatic can't wait for tonight's episode!

Fell asleep l think.....but not for long,
 woke up with circles of blended yarn running around inside my head so in the end l got up and dived into the bucket of yarn with my trusty 7mm hook to do a couple of experiments with white grey and black base yarns and a rainbow of colours
works for me...
 glad l used the pale grey as a base colour for the cushion/baby blanket though...
l've made quite a few circles this last few days....
circle mania!!!
photographs don't show how pretty this latest cushion/baby throw is really.....
soft subtle and real yummy colours

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs xx

Monday 24 January 2011

PATTERN: STRIPES SCARF Alternate 9" block of 'v' st and block st.

Sue's version of V' st
I like to do my own version, the ch st, between the dc isn't necessary and you get a firmer fabric, that gives a lovely soft but very square and neat edged fabric.

BASE CHAIN: Multiples of 3sts plus 1 start and finish with a dc in first and last st.

Block st, rows
Rows: 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, space dyed yarn
Rows 1, 3,4,5 7,8, 9, 11,12,13, 15,16,17, 19, 20, 21,23, 24, 25, 27, Charcoal or black 

Alternate blocks of approx. 9" of 'v' stitch as above and Block St, 
finish with Moss stitch

Block stitch
Number of rows 1-27 for approx 9" block

Base chain 70 sts, col. black
ROW 1: cont. in black, sc, in first st, ch2 miss 2sts, sc in next st, miss 2sts, sc in next st, repeat the ch2 loops across the row, pull yarn through and hold, [23 ch2 loops]
ROW 2: att spaced dyed yarn in fist ch2 loop, ch2, counts as first dc, 3dc in same sp, 3, in each ch2 loop, to end finishing with 4dc in last st, [23blocks]
ROW 3: Row s of ch2 loops, REPEAT ROW 1 but in black 
ROW 4: Rows of blocks, REPEAT ROW 2, but in black
alternate the random dyed yarn and black for even rows,
All ch loop rows are in black.
Alternate with 9" blocks of 'v' st 1-20 finish with row 21 of ch2 loops.

UPDATE: SEPT, 7th 2018

Row 1: black, sc, ch2 sc,  in corners, ch1, miss a st, sc, in next st, ch1, miss a st, sc in next st, repeat
Row 2: space dyed yarn, sc in ch1, sp, ch1, sc in next ch1, sp, sc, ch2, sc in corner sp.
Row 3: repeat row 1 in black

 Alternate rows of a base colour and a selection of one row colours..carry the 2 yarn colours 

Saturday 22 January 2011

Flower block

still playing colour not right yet but like the bock....
remade the square too because l didn't like the joining colour now l like it better than the new lighter colour!....ooops

lighter joining yarn...

darker joining yarn...
think l need to take a break from woolly thoughts!
Played a bit more with the 12 petal flower but it doesn't suit my chunky blended yarn type of crochet
This is my favourite one so far..
mixed with the spike stitch block or this one may be...

But still not liking it as much as the finer version used by
Clever Cheshire Cat....
at a guess it looks like a cotton yarn Rachael has used for her pin cushions...........
stunning little gems
Take a look 'cos she is having a fab give away
Some lucky Devil will win a wonderful get your name down fast

8 petals suits the chunky yarn better

Hugs all enjoy your evening xx

Friday 21 January 2011


I have neglected the Ravelry Spike Stitch Group l started, a today l've done a new block for the adaptation of the circle in a square block
and a second colour way..
and a picasa throw! lol
Have a Fab Friday everyone
Hugs xx