Saturday, 22 January 2011

Flower block

still playing colour not right yet but like the bock....
remade the square too because l didn't like the joining colour now l like it better than the new lighter colour!....ooops

lighter joining yarn...

darker joining yarn...
think l need to take a break from woolly thoughts!
Played a bit more with the 12 petal flower but it doesn't suit my chunky blended yarn type of crochet
This is my favourite one so far..
mixed with the spike stitch block or this one may be...

But still not liking it as much as the finer version used by
Clever Cheshire Cat....
at a guess it looks like a cotton yarn Rachael has used for her pin cushions...........
stunning little gems
Take a look 'cos she is having a fab give away
Some lucky Devil will win a wonderful get your name down fast

8 petals suits the chunky yarn better

Hugs all enjoy your evening xx


  1. You are just unbelievable Suz! You can produce the most amazing crocheted things, in some of the most gorgeous colors! You are truly a remarkable artist.

    Hugs XX

  2. I recognise that flower :) Looks gorgeous as usual and I love that colour scheme Xx

  3. Really love the pinks Suz.
    A x

  4. Thanks all..not my flower and not as successful as the original...and a great give away going on so take a has been added
    Hugs All x

  5. Thank you Suz for mentioning me :) I feel truly honoured. Your flowers look lovely to me and perhaps the 12 petal version would work better if the middle was a little smaller? The white flower granny squares look good enough to eat Xx

  6. I love making grannies. I need to get back to making more! Love yours!

  7. love the flowers! They are so friendly and cheery! :)
    xxoo Ashley

  8. Oh, these are just delicious. What a lovely sight on a grey January morning. I've had a knitting winter so far, but you've reminded me of all the little pieces of happiness I can make with a hook and some yarn, even with my special Two Left Thumb Technique. :)

  9. hello...i'm a big fan of your blog...all things of you are verry say sandra from germany leipzig...

  10. Suz! you are one busy girl, aren't you? my goodness! and everything is so lovely, a feast for the senses! How do you keep up with all these projects? beautiful!

  11. Rachael..your very welcome hope it helps with the followers
    Glad l can cheer you all on these cold wet mornings
    Michele....bit addicted l'm afraid....all or nothing and right now l can't l like my comfy sofa these nasty miserable days of winter lol
    Hugs to all xx

  12. Oooh love love love all your works! Such a splash of colors and forms! You're so very creative

  13. hello Suz!
    I really love that rainbow of flowers! it is a true inspiration!
    Hugs from an argie!

  14. I loved its blog, its house and its crochets