Thursday 27 January 2011

24 became33 and growing and a Rainbow reappears

Phil says thanks for the good wishes....talking last night seems job safety is only ok for another year but l suppose 12 months is better than nothing the way things are right now lets hope things improve soon for all of us.....
or we win the lottery lol
The four of us decided on a date in March for a sandy break so the dieting is going up a notch..this belly is not invited!! hehe

24" BECAME 33"
and Lettuce is still doing fine thanks 
As you can see she loves her new bed in the middle of ours!
Dug this unfinished throw out of a box of half finished items......l have plans to make it grow some..
about 30" at the moment..too big for a cushion but not big enough for a throw

It seems like crochet macramé and knitting are still being used by the designers 
Nice bag by Ferragamo inspired by the 70...l'm sure there will be a few hand made versions around in the crochet world soon

Cute skirt from Dior too...
knee length may be! lol

Have a thoughtful Thursday everyone
Hugs x
Brupbrup decided he wanted a cuddle while l was trying to playing hooky on the scrap throw...

enjoy your evening everyone


  1. OMG, OMG, OMG Silent Witness was cracking, had to watch it couldn't wait till the weekend. Cracking fashion shots, have been mulling over In Fashion Trend Knit 2011,in the office has some cracking crochet too. Hope you are well, Nicky xx

  2. Love that crochet and macrame are still appearing on the catwalk. That skirt would have to be waaay longer and not quite so see-through though:))
    Any ideas on how your stripey unfinished throw will grow? More stripes or panels? Ohh, I'll just have to wait and see.....:)

  3. That skirt would be beautiful either knee length or mid calf with a silky underskirt; right now it's tacky (imho). Love your projects Suz.

  4. It doesn't look like Brupbrup doesn't want to share I love how everything's turning out. Hope Phil keeps his job for many,many more years or at least until

    Hugs XX

  5. Your work is GROWING!!!! Beautiful!

    Love that bag and skirt both. The skirt may need a liner but it is sooo pretty!

  6. These crochet fashions are soo sweet, I love the bag, I'm sure I will be inspired to have a go at that bag myself with a similar version
    Kate :)