Tuesday 30 August 2011

New Stair 'WALL' almost complete and another Square for the bathroom mat done

Busy Busy Busy was the order of the day...a 4th square for the bath mat made...
Splodge was doing a bit of wool hugging today..he's the one that gets me up in the early hours almost every day..the baby and the clever one a light weight but constantly eating and we were told he had Kidney Failure about 3years ago...load of rubbish that was!
Full of life and needs constant attention..love him my baby he is...spoilt rotten

A bit of remodelling held us up a tad, but we manage to do all we planned,,,and l've even got the first coat of paint on the 
New Stair Wall..
before we really got started collage..
open but l wanted a more up to date look
and it will make a perfect place for a giant canvas...or a crochet blanket or two lol

May have a day out tomorrow with friends.....
Hugs to all xx
Sweet Dreams to all

New Bathroom Wallpaper and Bath Mat Emerging...

Played around with the bobble bit of the Circle of friends Motif...made it bigger by doing a CLUSTER OF 2 TREBLES instead of one treble 
Experimenting with my Granny Square version of  the Circle of Friends first two rounds 
for a Bath Mat in all the colours of the new wallpaper...
It's a bit wild but l love it...

B&Q's best @£12.99 a roll 
Stairs are almost boarded up stairs, just the downstairs to do now and then paint it all white and add the oak tops

I'm sure it will be OK when it is all painted!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stairs are a calling

Thanks for the comments l'll try to get back to you asap
just trying to cram a bit too much into my days right now to spend as much time on laptop as l like
But thinking of you all
hugs for a Terrific Tuesday

Monday 29 August 2011


I had seen it before but last night l rediscovered it again a girl called Annette had made a Lap blanket  on Flickr and on Ravelry, using Priscilla Hewitt CIRCLE OF FRIENDS MOTIF
Just had to have a go...such a pretty motif with a vintage feel
By this morning l had made a few lol and in the colours of the new bedding 
and l'd tried a modern bright version too...but l made it into a small square, 
a rainbow cushion may be for this one..
Sorry the pictures aren't brill..my camera is still playing up and the light isn't great this morning 
plus we have a stair case to build and l'm rushing
catch ya later everyone

have a Marvellous Monday
hugs to all xx

Saturday 27 August 2011

20 'Join-as-u-go' Granny Squares in 2 days

Started with 10 colours in one long row and looks very like that, will be enough length and just do 13/14 for the width, so l don't need quite as many as l though, but l will see when l have 130 squares
Using a join-as-u-go method and the colours are in diagonal stripes
Love the chunky rib effect you get with the join as u go method in every stitch
the further away you get the more it looks like a scattering of small flowers and less like a granny square
loving the speed of this simple granny square

Using mostly Stylecraft DK x 2 strands for the 'flower' and white centre and a single strand of 
Robin Chunky tweed for the main back ground yarn and a 6mm hook 
and it takes about 25 minutes to do a complete square
that time includes joining 
The Robin Chunky yarn is the same as the Flower rug l've made for the side of the bed
remember this...
this was made with 3 strands and a 10mm hook though

If all l need is 130 it should take about 2 weeks to make @10 squares per day...a speedy bed throw
Considering it took me almost a year to make the ripple that isn't as big...l'm happy, no time to get bored hey?

Have a great Bank Holiday if you're in the UK 
Everyone else just have a smashing weekend

hugs to all x
take your eyes off Brupbrup for one second and he's testing for comfort!!!
almost forgot this award from Twiglet
Thanks Jo...l appreciate you too hugs xx
am l supposed to pass it on to 3 others?

Evening update....Brupbrup did a lot of wool snuggling today...
don't ya just love him..
managed another 10 squares...

sweet dreams all xx

Friday 26 August 2011

New Crochet Granny Square Bed Throw...

I've been watching this TV drama and last night in one scene a lovely crochet blanket had a staring role
made a quick note of how it was put together and it's the new Design for the bed Throw
almost managed a row last night and early this morning....13 squares(5 rounds) in a row of the 
169 basic granny squares I need to make a bed throw of about 7' square for a king size bed with an
over hang and small border

I fiddled and faffed a lot yesterday to make the feathered in plastering and removed dado rail disappear
You can't see the join! lol

Made quite a long list yesterday and we got through almost everything..well done us hehe
Usually only manage about half

Had a thought this morning...dangerous or costly hehe
My  Dunelm Glass cutting board would make great table mats...and we do need a new set,
 then l could buy the 'CHOP' glass board as the cutting board
Goes really well with the chair seats l think..they have dried out quite well only a couple of water marks l might be able to remove
also co-ordinates with the new crochet too

Sad to say Shirley isn't well and doesn't feel up to travelling to Shropshire this morning...we were both looking forward to her visit...Shirley looked after Phil and his twin a lot when they were little..another time Shirley and we will see you in a couple of weeks when we go travelling in NooNoo

Get well soon Shirley
Have a Fabulous Friday everyone
hugs to all xx

Thursday 25 August 2011


Up at 4 this morning painting the damaged dining table and chairs..some of the legs still look like they are wearing flairs lol but all the staining has been covered

Eco friendly eggshell paint...l'm in Love, fabulous paint and worth the expense for sure

Been looking back at past room layouts and decided l'm going to put furniture back like this picture for a change

This picture was taken before the window was changed to French Doors..we definitely made a good decision to change it almost always open wide and well used

My energy levels have gone through the roof right now so getting lots done, bathroom door and frame painted  just needs it's bits putting back and rehanging and the wall on the landing has been filled sanded and painted about 4 times so looking great

Hoping to get a few more tiles on the wall this afternoon too...still won't be finished 'cos Phil's sister arrives early afternoon tomorrow leaving me just time for a tidy up, but it won't look too bad

Sorry no hooky to share this morning...l'm going back to the drawing board and starting again,
 not happy with the last batch of squares at all
Needs a rethink lol

Have a thoughtful Thursday everyone
Hugs to all x


Wednesday 24 August 2011

More Bobble Stitch Crochet Flower squares...

Between filler, coats of paint and and the mess every where l'm doing a Crochet square or two....still trying to decide on the pattern and the colour and the stitch to use....so many lovely options
Bobbles, clusters and popcorn stitch..You Tubee video will help with the stitches
White flower, coloured background?
Coloured flower, white background?
Blue greens or pinks?
Add the brown or leave it off?

I've got a lot of sample squares to chose form now...
Loving the WHITE FLOWER STITCH in the first one but think the olive green is a bit dark and still not sure about the darker brown?
Especially when l look at the cushions l made for the garden chairs, along side the new bed linen and wallpaper...
decisions decisions!
Between the hooky playtime l'm tidying up the plastered walls and painting doors and frames filling where we removed the dado rail...still to take off the stair wall rail
but we're real pleased with the door before and after...l'm a bit of a pefectionist and l'll be filling and sanding and painting for a couple of days l'm sure
the inside of the bathroom will just be tiled so not real fiddly work to do there

may paint the wall today then l can see if it needs more filler, easier when it's all white
Half the undercoat on the door, the second side today
Although the other three don't need new door frames at least, just the over door panel removing and plastering

The crochet l started using my Gorgeous Dunelm Glass Cutting board as inspiration...inspiration can come from all sorts of places
Love the colours in the board but the granny squares aren't working for me yet
any suggestions welcome?
this is another colourful Dunelm glass cutting board l love too..
Thanks for the supportive comments and l'll try to get back to a few more later today
There is just so much to get done at the moment, my laptop time is being cut to a minimum for a couple of weeks, but l'm thinking of you all
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
hugs to all xx

Tuesday 23 August 2011


Had a little play yesterday with the new crochet flower square..hoping to make a new bed throw l think but experimenting for now...
All the plastering was done yesterday and drying out nicely..architrave to go on next
HOLIDAY HOOKY......not sure?
If we manage to go on our holiday l will take the yarn with me may be and make a start
Not sure if we can go now though with needing to sort the stairs out before the new carpets are laid
It would be silly not too

Using this chair and cushion for inspiration...
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
hugs to all xx