Tuesday 30 August 2011

New Stair 'WALL' almost complete and another Square for the bathroom mat done

Busy Busy Busy was the order of the day...a 4th square for the bath mat made...
Splodge was doing a bit of wool hugging today..he's the one that gets me up in the early hours almost every day..the baby and the clever one a light weight but constantly eating and we were told he had Kidney Failure about 3years ago...load of rubbish that was!
Full of life and needs constant attention..love him my baby he is...spoilt rotten

A bit of remodelling held us up a tad, but we manage to do all we planned,,,and l've even got the first coat of paint on the 
New Stair Wall..
before we really got started collage..
open but l wanted a more up to date look
and it will make a perfect place for a giant canvas...or a crochet blanket or two lol

May have a day out tomorrow with friends.....
Hugs to all xx
Sweet Dreams to all


  1. Okay, I hereby volunteer for cat sitting! They are so adorable!!

  2. hehehe..cute yes on their own but Mr T insists they take their daily exercise with lots of hissing and spitting..just had to go sort them out now lol...Not so cute hehehe
    Hugs x

  3. You're too fun... Take two days out. Guess what, we will all still be here. I learned that new trick this summer. It's gr888 for the soul to take a breather. Will look forward to seeing both project when you are up to it.

  4. Suz, you're such a go-getter! I'm just goofing off today as hubby went to stay with our 2 older grandsons so our son could drive with his friend to the next state for a car race! Just me and the dog and cat today. :-)