Wednesday, 24 August 2011

More Bobble Stitch Crochet Flower squares...

Between filler, coats of paint and and the mess every where l'm doing a Crochet square or two....still trying to decide on the pattern and the colour and the stitch to many lovely options
Bobbles, clusters and popcorn stitch..You Tubee video will help with the stitches
White flower, coloured background?
Coloured flower, white background?
Blue greens or pinks?
Add the brown or leave it off?

I've got a lot of sample squares to chose form now...
Loving the WHITE FLOWER STITCH in the first one but think the olive green is a bit dark and still not sure about the darker brown?
Especially when l look at the cushions l made for the garden chairs, along side the new bed linen and wallpaper...
decisions decisions!
Between the hooky playtime l'm tidying up the plastered walls and painting doors and frames filling where we removed the dado rail...still to take off the stair wall rail
but we're real pleased with the door before and after...l'm a bit of a pefectionist and l'll be filling and sanding and painting for a couple of days l'm sure
the inside of the bathroom will just be tiled so not real fiddly work to do there

may paint the wall today then l can see if it needs more filler, easier when it's all white
Half the undercoat on the door, the second side today
Although the other three don't need new door frames at least, just the over door panel removing and plastering

The crochet l started using my Gorgeous Dunelm Glass Cutting board as inspiration...inspiration can come from all sorts of places
Love the colours in the board but the granny squares aren't working for me yet
any suggestions welcome?
this is another colourful Dunelm glass cutting board l love too..
Thanks for the supportive comments and l'll try to get back to a few more later today
There is just so much to get done at the moment, my laptop time is being cut to a minimum for a couple of weeks, but l'm thinking of you all
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
hugs to all xx


  1. all looking good!
    I have to say...painting woodwork is not my favourite thing to do!

  2. Hope its all going as well as it sounds. Inspiration? You are a great source of inspiration - so many lovely ideas and arty, crafty suggestions! x Jo

  3. I like the brown but comparing it to the ones with no brown I think I like those better. But, they are all gorgeous anyways. xx

  4. Hi there Suz! Love the crochet squares. Back from my vacay now and trying to catch up !

  5. I vote for the cluster! You are such a hard worker.. I'm such a bum as I've been a couch potato while I try to recover from my cold.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Thanks everyone
    Still not happy with the new bed throw...going off on totally different directions now so who knows where it will take me lol dors and a fresh tin of paint gives a fab result so quite enjoyable x

    Twiglet..l try hehe x

    Hazel..exactly what l thought when l put the cushion next to the 'brown'
    L'll get there one day..think all the paint and filler is distracting me may be x

    Kris..oooh hope you had a good time x

    Teresa..not always lol...but right now l seem to have a lot of energy and nothing seems to stop me..painting a 4 this morning lol x
    Hugs to all xx