Monday, 22 August 2011

Busy, busy, busy...bathroom update and a bit of hooky

Had a bit of a downer so l got out the hook always a good way of shaking any moods...don't you think?

The first piece l tried isn't working for me yet but the second l tried after buying some new bed linen is hitting the spot and can't remember where l found the cushion but isn't it gorgeous?
just found a link....French Old World Design
Definitely on the patchwork to make list...but for now l'm making a couple of cushion covers to go with the new duvet cover
Love this one from Monsoon too..

As we can't do anything downstairs for now, just climb over all the furniture and open windows and let the warm air do it's we got on with the new door fitting 
it went well yesterday  and the new door frame, door, new handle and light fitting went in
The old doorway had glass above so that was the first thing to come out
James turned up and fitted the new light for us
Phil really enjoyed doing this door and all l have to do this morning is PVA all the open plaster work so that Phil can do the plastering when he gets home from work and l can do all the painting
Loving the new doors so much really look great...not sure if l want to paint them a very soft antique green or may be a very pale aqua, what ever it will be very pale or stay with all white?

The Insurance assessor came and did his assessment...oh boy! I was in shock by the time they left

Seems like they want to remove the kitchen, my craft room cupboards, the down stairs loo, all the skirting boards and all the flooring that isn't in the skip already, the wallpaper needs removing and the fireplace repaired, treatment to all the stained walls and then decorated...again
All that after the dehumidifiers have dried us out

So a waiting game for now...and that is what made me feel a bit down...not good at
waiting on other people!!!!
Goodness knows when we will be straight again downstairs.....Christmas may be?

New Carpets..
The Assessor brought carpet sample and l've chosen the same carpet but in a slightly lighter colour
They seem to think they will be able to lay them in around 4/5weeks time 
We will need to do all the remodelling of the stairs and decorate before the carpets can be fitted
So we might not get our holiday....planned for a couple of weeks time...
depends on how fast we can do the stairs

The Insurance company are replacing all the hall stairs and landing..really didn't expect that
The damaged furniture will be a cash payment for us to buy..not much was damaged, but my beloved striped Ikea Rug (they have stopped selling it ) so l cant buy that again....sad about that it's still damp, miss shaped and drying with a nasty crisp feel

The damp smell is getting less and less and this morning downstairs seemed almost

Thanks for all the lovely messages
Have a wonderful week everyone
hugs to all xx


  1. Oh bless you. What a huge job it's all gonna be. Be patient and if you need to walk away for an hour then I will put the kettle on.
    A x

  2. I love these new squares, they are so soft and happy looking. What will they be, what will they be!

  3. Thanks Annie...fingers crossed it won't take as long as l'm thinking it might...but l'll definitely take you up on the cuppa once they get going...right now l feel it's going to be hell lol

    Esther...thanks cushions first but would look lovely as a bed throw too...and l might need to keep out of workers way for a while so who knows what l'll do lol
    Hugs to both xx

  4. My goodness... At least they didn't argue about your cover. I didn't know assessors carried carpet samples. I thought it would be clipboard and frown. Good luck. Maybe Ebay to replace your rug? I've never used it, but friends love it, and maybe there's a request page? I've also heard of Freecycle, and another UK thrift / swap network. There's got to be someone out there who's had second thoughts about their rug, and is saving it for someone like you!

  5. I am so sorry Suz! Maybe you need the holiday anyway to take your mind off of things for a short time. Sending you happy thoughts and good wishes.

  6. Oh insurance companies take such a long time and you have got to live in it till it's sorted. I have only claimed once off our insurance and that was for burglary.

  7. Suz, how did I miss the water problem.. what happened, you poor baby! I'm so sorry. Your bath is looking divine. ((hugs)), Teresa

  8. I'm in heaven with you sparkling white new bath. And of course, adore you new hookies..