Friday, 12 August 2011

Bathroom Makeover....almost but not quite finished

We both ran out of steam this week so didn't quite make the finished bathroom by
We originally wanted an all in one vanity unit for the basin and loo, but the price for a silly cupboard was anything from £500 to over £1000...SO NOT WORTH IT

So for the bathroom storage we have bought 2 over cooker units (@ £47each) cut them down to the right depth and turned them on end to make a tall storage unit, that half boxes in the stack pipe too

Not sure if we will add a third or leave it at two
Still quite a few tiles to add but most are on around the bath
The doors open down not from the side so there is plenty of storage space

Having to down tools for the weekend, tickets for the Flower Show and Christening on Sunday
Thanks for the lovely comments on the Baby Blanket...just hope Jessica and her Mum 
like it as much as you do
Have a Wonderful Weekend everyone
hugs to all xx


  1. What a great job you have done! Looks so much better than the black bathroom ....

  2. Thanks Dee...we think so too, not a big bathroom but it looks bigger now it's white
    Hugs x

  3. All going really well - love the idea of the cupboards - genius! Have a great weekend. I am sure that little blanket will be loved. x Jo

  4. The bath is looking fantastic, I love the accent tiles. Have a great weekend,

  5. Wonderful!! We just finished our own bathroom! I hated the shower-tub - and it's gone now. Never thought of making before pics!! What a pity!
    I love the floor!! I love all of it!!