Thursday 18 August 2011

Dunelm Mills....a favourite store

Phil hates it when l say l'm off to Dunelm lol....'cos l never come out empty handed!
Great Facebook link competitions and tips galore
or their site...
Never did cover the craft room sofas properly, so l'm going to combine several fabrics together with the already bought Dunelm stripe spot and motif fabrics l bought a bit back and make patchwork sofa covers something like this patch work seat
I already have some of the fabrics

Just need a few more trips to Dunelm hey?
Love the colours in the chair above...l think they would look great in the craft room

My sofas are only simple box cushions but l think will adapt well to a modern sofa...or two!
What do you think? if l haven't got enough to do at the moment hey?
Remaining Bathroom tiles to grout this morning and a bit of white paint to throw around and then on hold until repairs done down stairs
Looking to add a bright pink hi-gloss finish to the outside of the storage cupboard as soon as l can track something down that can be cut to size...hi-gloss Formica or glass may be?
Not the whole cupboard but the surround only in something like this pink
New bright pink towels and accessories from Dunelm all ready for our visitor at the end of the month

Hugs to all have a thoughtful Thursday everyone

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday


  1. Oh I love Dunhelm too!
    The bathroom will look great with a splash of bright pink!

  2. That should be Dunelm shouldnt it!

  3. Got to say I'm a Dunelm lover too. Bathroom is looking great and I love the idea ot your craftroom settee being done in patchwork....I just know you will get the colours perfect :-)
    A x
    ps Good luck for insurance assessment tomorrow

  4. Suz, you are amazing keeping it all together with all the repairs going on in your house. Love the bathroom its looking great.
    Have a lovely day,

  5. Thanks everyone...assessor this morning!!!!!!!

    All the grouting l can do is now finished
    Door and frame to get to buy all 8 of the doors we need to get the best this space lol
    Hugs to all xx

  6. Hope the assessor meeting went well. Bathroom looks fab - and I love the pink.

  7. Dear dear Suz, missed you much when I was away. I had lots to read catching up with you. I love the pinky purply dotty fabric. You won't see the snippets of yarn ends on there... LOL Hope you've seen my camping photos on my blog.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)