Saturday, 27 August 2011

20 'Join-as-u-go' Granny Squares in 2 days

Started with 10 colours in one long row and looks very like that, will be enough length and just do 13/14 for the width, so l don't need quite as many as l though, but l will see when l have 130 squares
Using a join-as-u-go method and the colours are in diagonal stripes
Love the chunky rib effect you get with the join as u go method in every stitch
the further away you get the more it looks like a scattering of small flowers and less like a granny square
loving the speed of this simple granny square

Using mostly Stylecraft DK x 2 strands for the 'flower' and white centre and a single strand of 
Robin Chunky tweed for the main back ground yarn and a 6mm hook 
and it takes about 25 minutes to do a complete square
that time includes joining 
The Robin Chunky yarn is the same as the Flower rug l've made for the side of the bed
remember this...
this was made with 3 strands and a 10mm hook though

If all l need is 130 it should take about 2 weeks to make @10 squares per day...a speedy bed throw
Considering it took me almost a year to make the ripple that isn't as big...l'm happy, no time to get bored hey?

Have a great Bank Holiday if you're in the UK 
Everyone else just have a smashing weekend

hugs to all x
take your eyes off Brupbrup for one second and he's testing for comfort!!!
almost forgot this award from Twiglet
Thanks Jo...l appreciate you too hugs xx
am l supposed to pass it on to 3 others?

Evening update....Brupbrup did a lot of wool snuggling today...
don't ya just love him..
managed another 10 squares...

sweet dreams all xx


  1. Hi Sue , love this latest blanket you are making . The diagonal rows of colour are so effective and the neutral colour is just perfect to set them off. Can't wait to see how it progresses.
    Jacquie x

  2. Hi Jacquie thanks....loving your new flower hex blanket for the to do list thanks
    Hugs Suz x

  3. hi sue,
    Love the new blanket, and the diagonal rows of color. Good to know that brupbrup approves, probably won't be long until your other kitties also approve!! : )

  4. Hey - Suz - Yes - long time no speak!! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. So funny I was just perusing your blog a few minutes before. I am in so much admiration of your blog!!! Fabulous designs and SO exciting to view!! I may not post much - but I'm still chugging along!
    xoxo Mirto (aka Mirtooli)

  5. Hi Suz, I also love the diagonal color design as I do love some "plan" in colors. I've found that doing things such as the random colors of my flower shawl can make my head explode. LOL

  6. Hello Sue, I've not commented before. I love the crochet that you do, its beautiful! I admire how much of it you seem to do as well. I am so slow in comparison! I have a little black cat who is similar to yours and I love him dearly. He has to sit on his own blanket though as he does tend to use his claws and pull threads. Everyone else's cats seem to be allowed to sit on blankets but they must be better behaved!

    I am curious as to what you mean by join as you go in this instance. I can see you are crocheting them together but are you doing this after finishing a square, one at a time, rather than doing a whole row? Or do you just mean that you are putting them together 'as you go' rather than amassing them all at the end? In any case it is a very nice look as they look lovely.

  7. Hi Sara..Thanks and glad to hear you are inspired and enjoying crochet
    No Brupbrup is not good at all hehe..l have 3 black cats and one black and white and they all will make a bed of my crochet given the chance lol
    and pull it to shreds especially the newest piece
    Join as you go...l make 4or 5 centres up then do the back ground colour and join each one as l go

    There are lots of methods and probably a 'YOU TUBE' search will help you the most, l'm using a link in every stitch because l like the rib effect you get but a lot join only every group of DC a totally different look
    There are also chain linking giving a lacy effect too...give a few a go and find the one that you like the best

  8. Beautiful!...and the new blanket`s not bad either!x

  9. aww wonderful Just love what you make!
    Brupbrup does look comfy

  10. Loving your new blanket - passed the snuggly cat test:) I so love that chunky floor rug too. Is that the same motif just up big? I have a sudden craving for a new rug by my bed now! In fact, maybe even a large circular one for my workspace if it crochets up that fast:) Inspired!!