Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Bathroom update...

Yesterday...a very fraught morning lots of raised voices and growling at each other, headache, sickness and eventually an hours lie down for me....l'd been up at 4.30 after a bad night
l strayed from my wonderful new diet, got a bit stressed, couldn't make my mind up on taps and tiles,
making Phil a little tetchy too...ooops!
Not a good morning for either of us
We got started about 11ish and completed all we wanted to achieve by about 7pm last night
Then watched the Harry Potter film on TV...hadn't seen it before

Not rushing to get started this morning, taking it a bit slower than yesterday
WISH US LUCK WILL YOU....after yesterday's start, we don't want a replay 
Sorry for the rambling will serve as a reminder....NOT to eat chocolate 1st thing in the morning and go with my 1st decision, Phil hates it when l can't make up my

Enjoy your Sunday everyone
hugs to all xx
PS....James is having a fabulous time from his message...mmmm l can see him wanting to live there! lol


  1. Ah the good old Reno stress Suz. All will be fine!!
    Can't wait to see your results.

  2. We all have days like that when things don't start too well ;-) Let's hope we all have a better one today eh? hehehe
    A x

  3. Those bad days make you realise how good the good days are. Hope it's going ok? Super posts from last week, those cushions are just lovely. Lesley x

  4. Here's to a better day for you both!!! Lovely to meet up with you at Annie's the other week. Speak to you soon xxx

  5. Those white tiles are a great improvement on the black ones you did pretty well yesterday considering! This new bathroom is going to look wonderful.

  6. Neither wonder the pair of you are stressed!!!Slow down,take your time to decide about the tiles and taps, what`s the rush?(apart from not having a loo that works!lol). Hope you have a more relaxing day today, Suz. It`s what Sundays are for.

  7. Yeah, some days are like that, aren't they? But you got loads done, those big white tiles look really elegant, and you're still married! Result! I've been crocheting away at my lovely daisies (Thank you!)for the last few days, ignoring all domestic stuff, so I think I need to be a good girl, and do a bit of bombsite management today. Mustn't overdo it, of course. It's Sunday, after all. Got any of that chocolate left?

  8. P.S. Something you might enjoy, when it's all over: Katherine Swift's The Morville Hours. Have you heard of it? Extraordinary. Very special, I think. Katherine Swift and her husband took a twenty year lease on a house in Morville,in your neck of the woods, so that she could make a garden. I love that.

    I've just downloaded it from Audible, with her reading it - which makes it all the more personal and absorbing. I was listening to it yesterday, while making your flowers, and I like it so much that I think I'm going to buy the original book.

  9. More haste - less speed, as Grandma would say. Have a better day - you will make a brill job, I am sure. You are such a clever pair. x Jo

  10. Suz, all this renovation stress is normal, at least you have a hubby willing to do it. It is looking great, good luck today.

  11. Dear Suz, oh my.. I've had those times with hubby where you both just blow a gasket. I hope today is better - I must say it looks like it's going to be nice and bright and lovely.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Thanks everyone....a much calmer day today
    l ache all over
    Hugs to all x