Friday, 5 August 2011

9 blocks of crochet flower granny squares put together...

Quick post tonight as l might not be around much for the next couple of days.....another of my ideas has struck!

One of my spur of the moment ideas...... commonly know in this house as an 'oh! noooooo moment'

Poor Phil never knows when they might hit.....but he always seems to go along with him

I've just bought a new white bathroom suite and chosen the tiles and we are about to do a little demolition that bit l do lol

Hope to have a smashing good time this weekend and a new bathroom by Monday...
If l get a chance l'll pop on and update with pics, but if not, you'll know what we're up too

Cya soon have a wonderful weekend everyone

hugs to all xx


  1. Thats soooo nice love the way you combineb the colors in blocks, real pretty:D
    Karen x

  2. You never cease to amaze me how you get your rooms transformed in the wink of an eye. What a clever pair you are - hope the bathroom demo goes to plan. Happy hols to James too. x Jo

  3. Sehr schön...
    So frohe Farben.^^

  4. You truly do inspire. Another charmer.

  5. Dear Suz, I love the innovative way you put the different colored stripes around each block of blocks! LOL You're amazing. We're planning for our trip, hubby is greasing wheels and cleaning our little boats and getting propane and things.. we've got lists of things.. oh boy!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Suz, this blanket looks great. I love the color combos. You crochet so quickly and have a great eye for colors. Enjoy the weekend!
    xo Susan

  7. This really turned out superb! I love all the colors ... I also love that it doesn't look like someone vomited a bag of skittles everywhere. You know what I mean, when someone gets a little too carried away with colors??? I think you have great designs!

  8. Absolutly Beautiful Suz!!! Love the Colours.