Monday 8 August 2011

A Functioning but not finished bathroom in 3 days...

wheeeeeeey!... it's all working again by 4 this afternoon
Just waiting for the pretty tiles to arrive so l can finish the tiling off
Bit of plastering to do tomorrow
The old door frame is on a terrible angle with a glass pane above, so we are removing it and adding a new frame and door that's not on the squiff lol..but that will need to wait a week

But asap l will finish the tiles and add accessories to the new bathroom

We bought oak shelving this morning for the window sill and under mirror ledge....
window is to be changed soon too so the sill won't be fixed in place yet
Also thinking of adding a new mirror that fills the space rather than the one that doesn't quite fill the space

The boxing of the stack pipe will incorporate a storage unit too..again next week l think for that

Couldn't wait, so l tried the bath out this morning, it was very comfy, perfect, deep and just the right length
and all the bath ledges are flat so a glass of wine and a candle will sit

Hugs to all..hope our bathroom journey hasn't bored you to death lol
have a Marvellous Monday all xx
Bit of difference from the before hey?...


  1. Looking really good. I wish Mr CK was as handy.

  2. You really dont let the grass grow under your feet do you? It's looking great too :-)
    A x

  3. This is going to look so wonderful when you are all done! Getting close! =)

  4. There is a difference! it will look great!

  5. It's coming along at a lightening pace, good for you and Phil! Our master bath or "en suite" needs a gut job.. it's tiny, though. Phil is worth his weight in gold how he does these things - but I know you also can do miracles! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Thanks everyone..Phil's gone back to work, for a rest he said lol
    Little miracle worker he is
    Hugs to all x