Tuesday, 2 August 2011

CROCHET DAISY GRANNY BLANKET.......over night inspiration

Been quite a busy couple of days...one thing leading to another as it does!
Almost finished the 4th cushion and l used the Ripple as inspiration for the colour way..
9 colours from the ripple in the 4th Daisy Granny cushion

and l think may be the orange yellow cushion may need replacing with a paler one for the garden as it goes better with the sofa cushions in my craft room....
what do you think?
and the 4th cushion isn't finished as l decided to make a present for someone and l need to get it finished quickly so l've spent today making a DAISY GRANNY SQUARE in every colour l have......well almost the blue and purple shades to do yet...
and make a decision on what to use to join them all together....love the chunky stone yarn but not right for the recipient so is it to be a colour or white, so the flowers look like they are scattered on it?
mmmm watch this space!

Thanks again for the lovely comments...it's fast turning into a favourite square to make

Hugs to all xx


  1. Love the cushions!!!And the blankie is going to be a stunner for sure!!

  2. I love all of the colors! You do an amazing job of matching up colors Suz. I know your blanket will be gorgeous.

    Hugs XX

  3. !!!! WOW!!! beautiful, Congratulations, you did a great job


  4. My cats also love to meddle with my crochet... and my books and writings... Typical of cats...

    Your works are very inspiring!

  5. I really love all the fab colours you use Suz.
    A x

  6. Dear Suz.. eye-candy.. yum yum. Love them all no matter which - beeYOOteeFULL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Such a feast of colour. They are all lovely and look so good together

    Carolyn xo

  8. Okay! You got me hooked. I have been wanting to cover two pillows for my couch and haven't been inspired or motivated until I saw all your cushions. I especially love the Daisy Granny Square pattern you are using. Would you be willing to share the pattern with me? I have found many Daisy patterns online, since seeing yours done in the blues but still prefer your pattern. Hope you can help.

  9. I went to the CAL on Ravelry and found the link back to your site and the pattern. Your project seemed to blossom in many directions. My hope is to complete 2 pillows before I get distracted. :) Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  10. Just wonderful! Does the Kitty come with it? Kim

  11. Me encanta los colore que usas,Preciosooo.Saludos

  12. lovely <3 Like it a lot. Laura (http://inspired.artandgraphism.be/)