Friday 23 December 2016

Angel Wings Shawl, PATTERN PART 5 and 6

Hi all, well the response to this Angel Wings shawl pattern has been amazing thank you everyone.
Just to answer a question that keeps being asked by new Members to the group, this is a shawl pattern that can be stopped in several places, 100g DK, 200g, 250g Aran and will go up to but not over 300g in dk, dk is yarn you would use a 4mm hook with hope that helps.
I will be adding pictures of all the variations and sizes next week with the remain pattern parts

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Today's part's 5 and 6 are the same stitch but will take longer to do so i'm giving them to you as one post and the remaining posts will be after Boxing day along with some pictures of completed Shawls, 100g (dk version), 200g, 250g (Aran version) and 300g versions 


This one is in Aran 250g ball, made with 5mm hook and measures
41" 104cm, from side to side
20" 51cm, top to point 
I still have about 30-40g left.

Angel Wings Shawl part 5 and 6
US Terms first and UK Terms in brackets.
6 rows of dc [tr]  

ROW 22: Turn, ch 2, 1dc [1tr], in every st, and 1dc [1tr], in every ch sp, to point.
 At the point do 1dc [1tr], ch2, 1dc [1tr], complete the row with 1dc [1tr], in every st,and 1dc [1tr] in each sp,  finish with 1dc [1tr], in the last sp.

Row 23-27: turn, ch2, 1dc [1tr], in every st, to point, at the point 1dc [1tr], ch2, 1dc [1tr], 1dc [1tr] in every stitch of second side. finish with 1dc [1tr] in sp between last 2 sts. 

Part 5: Quick view of stitches in rows
Row 22: 92sts each side
Row 23: 93sts each side
Row 24: 94sts each side
Row 25: 95sts each side

 6 rows done

Part 6:
Row 26: 96sts each side
Row 27: 97sts each side

PART 7: After Christmas and Boxing day

hope you all have a wonderful time  
see you all soon xx

Sorry the printable pdf's didn't work they will be available soon and done by and Expert Teresa Day sorry my efforts didn't work
Merry Christmas All xx


  1. Have a great Christmas Sue, 🌲🌲

    1. Thanks Jacqui, Merry Christmas, a couple of days off now to complete the Angel Wings shawl variations and enjoy parts of the pattern Next week
      have fun xx

  2. Enjoy your time off and thanks again for sharing your amazing patterns with us Xx

    1. Hi Noelene, you're very welcome and Thanks will do my best to chill out Merry Christmas xx

  3. Just starting Part 4, will hopefully find time to to get up to part 6 for Boxing Day!
    Have a lovely Christmas Sue... ☃️

    1. Hi CrystalJo, hope you find some me time too, have a fun filled break. Merry Christmas xx

  4. For some reason when I click the link for the printable pdf for the angel wings shall I get an error message that says: Your current account ( does not have access to view this page.
    Click here to logout and change accounts. I don't have another account so I don't know what the problem is. Other than that, I love your patterns

    1. Hi Lisa, probably my fault sorry, the pdf's in a number of languages are going to be sorted by an IT expert when the whole shawl pattern is complete for now just copy and paste the pattern if you need to.....It will be available soon Merry Christmas
      And thanks glad you like it xx

  5. Same problem here. I only have one Google account, so not sure what else to do.

  6. LOL, it's not like I'm going to get to it in the next few days, so Merry Christmas to all!!! Happy stitching!!

  7. Sorry all the pdf's will be available soon, done by and expert so they will work so sorry my efforts didn't Merry Christmas everyone xx

  8. you have row 22 worked in part 5 and then a row 22 again in part 5ROW 22: Turn, ch 2, 1dc [1tr], in every st, and 1dc [1tr], in every ch sp, to point.
    At the point do 1dc [1tr], ch2, 1dc [1tr], complete the row with 1dc [1tr], in every st,and 1dc [1tr] in each sp, finish with 1dc [1tr], in the last sp.

    Row 22: 92sts each side so do I Do row 22 twice???

    1. Hi Gerrie, no row 22 as all rows, just one of each the quick view of all the rows is just that a quick view list not a repeat xx

  9. Thank you so much for a easy-to-read pattern that even I Who has a bit of trouble learning US/UK terms can follow :-)

    1. Hi you're very welcome, glad you have enjoyed the pattern xx