Tuesday 27 December 2016

Angel Wings, Shawl Mini CAL: PATTERN PART 7, 8 and 9

Hello Hookers, back again for the next part of the Angel Wings Shawl mini CAL? 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if it wasn't quite so wonderful I hope you  at least enjoyed some of your crochet?

Did anyone manage to make a necklace at all?

PARTS 7, 8 and 9: All the same stitch and this is an adjustable section of the Mini CAL.
You can do as many rows in this section of Granny Shells, as you want or yarn allows, 
 each of the first few rows takes approx. 15minutes. 

If you do more than 6 rows it will start to take more than 
15 minutes per row as it grows 


A Granny shell:  3dc [3tr], grouped together in one st or sp.

Part 6, Row 27, finished with 97sts, each side. 

PART 7 Angel Wings Shawl PATTERN:

Row 28: continue, turn, ch2, 2dc [2tr] in the same st, miss 2sts, granny shell of 3dc [3tr], in next st, miss 2 sts, granny shel in next st, repeat to point, giving 33 full granny shells, 
ch2, miss the ch 2 point, 
A granny shell in the fist st, miss 2 sts, granny shell in next st, repeat to end or row, to complete row with miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr], in last sp between last 2sts. 
(33 granny shells each side)

Row 29: turn, ch2, granny shell in the next 32 sps, at the point do a granny shell, ch 2 granny shell in the ch2 sp, repeat a granny shell in the next 32 sps, finish the row with 1dc [1tr] in the last sp. 
(33 granny shells each side with 1dc [1tr] at the start and finish of row)

ROWS 30: turn ch2, 2dc [2tr], in first sp, granny shell in every sp to point, 1granny shell ch2 1granny shell, in ch2 point, 1 granny shell in each sp to end finish 1granny shell in last sp. 
(34 Granny shells each side)

NOTE: From here on you are adding a GS at the beginning and end of each row to give curved wing tips

ROW 31: turn, repeat row 30....that is a granny shell in the first st, and one in every sp to point at point do a gs, ch2, gs, then complete row with a gs in every sp, finish with a gs in last sp between last 2sts...

ROW 32-35: Turn, Repeat ROW 30
ROWS 36-39:Turn, Repeat ROW 30

STOP if you are running out of yarn, if quantity is not a problem them continue until the shawl is the size you want it to be, but finish on an uneven number of granny shells AND......
 leave at least 50g of yarn to do the final edging st.

Quick view of increase in GS  on each row
ROW 28: 33 GS
ROW 29: 33 GS
ROW 30: 34 GS
ROW 31: 35 GS
part 8
ROW 32: 36 GS 
ROW 33: 37 GS
ROW 34: 38 GS
ROW 35: 39 GS
part 9
ROW 36: 40 GS 
ROW 37: 41 GS
ROW 38: 42 GS 
ROW 39: 43 GS

PART 10 and the final part of the AW Mini CAL will be the finishing edging stitches, 
on 30th December 2016.

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  1. Yarn just arrived! I'm going to make one oh these beautifully designed shawls! Oh, Sue. You out did yourself on THIS design! Haven't seen another quite like it! And yes, I'm still a shawl "enthusiast" (obsessed). I think I have Hooked 16 of them and still don't have enough. 😊

  2. Fabulous you should join the FB Group hundreds on there been made its been phenomanal thanks xxx

  3. Hi Sue! Is there a "Part 10" to this Angel Shawl? I noticed it says "Part 10 and the final Part, December 30, 2016" Thanks so much. It's beautiful! :-D Charlene

    1. hi Charlene, yes if you use the search box top left it will give you PART 10, 2 options on the finishing edge stitches xx

    2. I've added a link now too to this part of the pattern to make it easier to find xx