Thursday, 29 December 2016

PART 10: Angel wings finishing stitches x 2 Options

It's been fascinating to see how all The Angel wings Shawl look so different in shape and size. How the use of a particular yarn can make such a difference to the same pattern......

                                                     INTRODUTION TO ANGEL WINGS MINI CAL HERE

                                                                       YARN SAMPLING HERE
                                                                          AND HERE

                                                                                PART 1 HERE

                                                                                PART 2 HERE

                                                                                PART 3 HERE

                                                                                PART 4 HERE

                                                                           PART 5 AND 6 HERE

                                                                         PART 7, 8 AND 9 HERE

 Angel Wings  PATTERN Part 10 the finish, 2 options

NOTE: I'm not giving numbers of loops and picots for this finish, because you could all have a different number, having stopped at different places.

ROW 1: Turn, ch5,  sc [dc], into next sp, ch5, sc into next sp, repeat, to point, at ch2 point, sc [dc], ch5, sc [dc], into ch2 point, repeat ch5, sc into next sp to end, last sc [dc] goes into the sp between last 2sts.

ROW 2: Turn ch5, sc [dc], into first ch5 loop, repeat to end, Finish with a sl st into first ch st of the loop below

ROW 3:turn, sl st, into 3ch sts of the first loop (you are now in the correct place to start this row of ch5 loops)
 repeat the ch5 loops and sc sts to end of row,  finish with a sc [dc] in last ch5 loop.

ROW 4:turn, 3sc [3dc], into first ch5 loop, make a picot of ch3, sl st into the sc [dc], to complete the picot, making a tiny bobble,2sc [2dc], into the same ch5 loop, to complete the first picot detail, repeat in every ch5 loop to end

NOTE: Again no numbers of points as you could all have a different number, but you should all have an odd number of granny shells not and even number for this finish 


 ROW 1: Turn, sc [dc] in first sp, between the first 2 sts, 2tr [2dtr], ch3 2tr [2dtr], in next sp, between the granny shells, sc [dc] in next sp, between gs, complete to point, in ch2 point, 2tr [2dtr], ch3, 2tr, [2dtr], in same sp, sc [dc], in next sp, repeat to end fi is with a sc [dc], in last sp.

ROW 2: Turn, sc [dc], in next 2st, then 2sc [2dc], ch2, 2sc [2dc], in ch 3 point, sc [dc] in next 2 sts, sc [dc], into the sc [dc], in dip then repeat to end of row.

Where used this edging stitch first, on a Granny Square Blanket 

That completes the Angel Wings Shawl mini CAL


I'm assuming from the numbers that have been made and shared your fabulous AW's on the Facebook group that you have enjoyed the mini cal.
There haven't been too many hiccup for a last minute pattern and from what some have said its kept them sane over the Christmas hols.

The next project I am going to make, is a Granny Square Skirt, for my son's lovely gf, Bethany.
If you want to make a simple granny square skirt, for someone or for yourself then this is the next mini cal.
Im using merino and 50% merino/acrylic mix details on the 1st January 2017
It needs to be completed by the 8th January....for the birthday girl on the 9th
All parts of the pattern will be on this blog and all linked to the Facebook group


  1. Yes this sure kept me sane in the run up to Christmas. Not had chance to catch up on the post Christmas parts just yet but loving the pics of those who have. Fantastic mini cal thanks Sue x

    1. Hi Elaine, Good to hear, hope the new year brings calm for you xxx

  2. Awesome Cal, thank you 😜😋

    1. You're very welcome its been phenomanal so many been made over the Christmas hols i've lost count everyone is loving the pattern xx

  3. Thank you for sharing this pattern. Can't wait to get started!

  4. Loved this. Just finished it for a friend. My next one is for me! Thanks.

    1. Hi Diannah, wonderful present, hope he loves it and look forward to seeing you in yours next xx