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Will be adding a few more pictures of the completed Angel Wings Shawls as soon as I'm feeling fighting fit again,,darn cold, loss of voice and generally feeling tired not been good this last week.


Welcome to the first day of Bethany Skirt Min CAL
This was the picture of a Granny Square Skirt Bethany saw and asked if i could make her one similar. Bethany picked her colours from my stash and we decided on a joining colour.

 Carolyn has made a lovely skirt with a knitted waist band, i will be making a crocheted version but i've added the link if you would like to do a knitted waist band like Carolyn
 handmade by Carolyn 
click link to see here original post 

GRANNY SQUARE TIMINGS: 1minute for the first round
2 minutes for the second round
5 minutes for the 3rd and join as you go round

Please don't be rushed, work at your own pace but i need to complete Bethany Skirt in 
the next 8 Days..a birthday present for the 9th January.

not exactly sure of the number of 3 round granny squares i need yet next post will confirm the number
2 rows of 6 squares joined together measure 5" x 15 or 12.75cm x 38cms

So at the moment I'm working on
14 rows x 6 GS = 84 squares approx  

IN TIME: 84 X 8 = 672 MINUTES, that's 11.2 Hours for squares
plus a couple of hours to do the waist band and an hour to do a hem edge and a couple of hours for hiccups lol.

Rounding the time off say 18-36 hours to make a mini skirt....depending on your crochet speed 
So to complete this Bethany Skirt mini cal you will need at least 2-3hours a day to complete in  8/9 days.

Up for it? 

Then here we go
I'm using 9 colours of Merino and a 
10th Merino/acrylic in charcoal grey to join the 2round squares together

DAY 1:
So start by making the one round granny squares in each of your chosen colours 
start on the second round and do at least 25-30 of the second round if you want to complete in 8/9 days
Working 2-3hours should see all your second round squares complete. 
We will start the join as you go a new post on 3rd January 2017

If you don't have a couple of hours a day then double the days and work a little slower. Do your own timings so you can work out how long it will take you 
measure the widest part of the hip/bottom and add approx. 4"  10cm ease
if making it for a child then you might find rows of 5 squares in length will be just right and slightly less ease will be needed 

US Terms, UK Terms in brackets 
Make 78 squares 9 colours you need 8 of each colour and 6 extra, pick 6 of the colours to add these extra squares. 

Finger wrap of 4 wraps
ROUND 1: first colour, ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 2dc [2tr], ch2, 3dc [3tr], ch2, 3dc [3tr], ch2, 3dc [3tr], ch2, sl st into first st, cut and weave in ends.

ROUND 2: second colour, ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 2dc [2tr], in first ch2 sp (corner), 3dc [3tr], ch2, 3dc [3tr] in next 3 corner sps, finish with 3dc [3tr], ch2 in first corner to complete sl st into the first st. 

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