Sunday, 15 January 2017

BETHANY SKIRT: Finishing hem and waist band

TIP: When doing the 'darted' and shaped top row  it also helps to use a smaller hook, this will als putt the top in a tiny amount. 

When al the squares are put together and you are happy with the length you need to finish the hem with 2 rows of sc [dc].

Work into each of the 9 stitches, the ch sp each end and the sp between the granny square, sc can tighten a row and you don't want that for the hem.
9 + 2 end sts, +1 sp between = 12 sts per square.

TIP: if this hem curls when wearing you can hand stitch a tape to the the side of the hem this will stop any possible curl 

For the waist band i've used dc [tr], a little looser and can be drawn in better when the elastic is threaded into the dc [tr] tube.
For the waist band 9stitches plus a stitch into the space between the squares don't do a st into the end ch sp.
9 + 1sp between =10 sts per square.
do 6 rows of dc [tr], and fold in half and hand stitch the edge to the bottom of the first row of sts.

 Leave a gap big enough to thread a waist length +1" [2.5cm over lap] of 1" [2.5cm] wide elastic, through the gap, sew the ends of the elastic together beside to keep it flat .

TIP: safety pin it together and try on for fit first, before sewing the elastic over lap and sealing the gap. 

so for an 16 square skirt, 
HEM: 192sc [dc].
WAIST BAND: 160dc [tr]. 

Final picture to come when Beth next visits, for now a good friend has allowed me to show her Bethany Skirt.

But this is a friends version of the Bethany Skirt 
Anne Purdham
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You might remember the fabulous bra pictures from Anne's Kirsty run?

doesn't it look fabulous?
Anne has used Stylecraft special to make her skirt and plans to make a second one, not surprised she looks fabulous in her first.