Tuesday 10 January 2017


Still playing, but with the Batik this time, same pattern and number of stitches but it will be smaller maybe a 16" cushion in the Batik dk...
If it stretches then an 18" cushion pad will fit in a couple of months time when its been well used, or it stays the same because of the wool content, little experiment here.

Using Batik on its own not mixing it with 4ply here.  Batik dk, 4mm hook and mixing the motif's, hex's and stars, so lots of options to come with this cushion.

And the 6 Aran colours i had run out of are here too so full steam ahead on the the cushions now
Special Aran and Alpaca shades, I am using in the cushion cal.

Saffron, camel, gold, spice, pomegranate, raspberry, rose, parchment, sea breeze (alpaca), duck egg  (alpaca), storm blue, denim, meadow, pistachio

almost ready for the 17th January, Cushion cal start date


  1. Eagerly awaiting my yarn's arrival! I am following your colors and am so excited! Tell me again what size cushion we need please? Is it 18" ?
    Thanks Sue.

    1. Hi Judon, lots of options but yes an 18" cushion pad xx

  2. I I need help finding the links to your instructions for the 3 different patterns you show in this post, if possible. I would love to go over an idea I have with you for a temperature blanket using your patterns. I had wanted to do a puff stitch flower pattern for my blanket, but I just can not make one look pretty.

  3. Hi SoTired, only releasing the hex one and the 2 round granny for this cushion best way to chat is the join the Facebook group not possible to 'chat' on here xx