Thursday 12 January 2017

Morning Glory Flower

A promised Flower for 2017...all the flowers are in shades of some special favourite colours  
They can be joined together in a flower wrap or blanket, make along row as a scarf, make it the centre to a cushion, or get creative and share the pictures on me Facebook group, i keep saying it but they really are fabulous creative and helpful group of hookers.


 Morning Glory Flower, could be made into a blanket or other projects, all these flowers are using the same colours as 
for the Cushion Cal on the 17th January


US Terms only
A finger wrap of 5 wraps,
Round 1: ch1 counts as fist sc, 12sc into circle, sl st to complete [12sc]

Round 2: 2sc in each st, sl st, to complete. (24sts)

 Round 3: 3ch counts as first tr, (Yarn over 2 times, pull through 3 times) 2tr in first 2 sts, ch4 repeat 5 more times, sl st, t to complete (6 sides)

Round 4: att yarn in any ch 4 loop, 3dc, ch2, sl st, into same loop, ch2, 3dc, ch2, sl st into same loop, ch2, 3dc in same loop, miss 2 sts, sc into next sp, miss 2 sts, repeat for all sides sl st to complete. (6sides)

Duck egg and Sea breeze are from the Alpaca range not the Aran range

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