Friday 20 January 2017

CUSHION CAL: Easy Peasy Alternative back

Hope you enjoyed the circular cushion cal?
This is an easy drawstring back for a circular cushion.

For those waiting for the next parts to the 
ALL pattern parts will be completed next week.

If you would prefer to make a simple draw string back to you cushion, continue to crochet a number of rounds in the dc [tr], after the 12 rounds of sc, [dc], until the tube almost meets at the back of the cushion.

Add a last row of dc [tr], and make a draw string  and thread it through the last row pull up and you have another easy alternative to a round cushion fastening.

This pictures is of a drawstring back made in dc [tr] instead of sc [dc], 


Make a finger wrap of 4 wraps.
12sc (12dc)into ring, sl st, to complete

ch about 90sts, long enough to allow a cushion pad through the hole.

Then do 6sc (6dc) into the second st from the hook, one side of the ch cord 
and 6sc (6dc)the other side of the ch cord, sl st to complete.

Weave the drawstring in and out of every two dc on the last round of cushion opening. 

Pull up and tie in a bow.


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