Wednesday 30 July 2014

Necklace from left over sock yarn...

Hi all, a lovely friend who is a fabulous sock maker made me a pair of black and white socks, thanks Sue love them.
 She sent me the left over yarn and as my black and white scarf, I wear with my black trousers and white top was in the wash and I needed something black and white to wear at my neckline.
 So while having a morning cuppa  yesterday, I made a new black and white necklace from the left overs, might add a few tiny seed beads to it at some point.
see what it looks like with beads, but for now i'm wearing it as it for me.
It looks totally different from the knitted socks.
Hugs to all x

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Painting the bedroom Blue...

Bit of redecoration going on in the bedroom...seaside, costal, pale blue, aqua and the
palest sea green.
Used a new costal picture as inspiration.
 New wall quote, to remind me how precious TIME is...
 Dug out all the blue bedlinen I have, all went together quite well, then I feel asleep with a cuppa in my hand...oooops!
Me and everything else was soaked in a delicate shade of brown.
All in the wash, and it's a good job the sun is shining to get it all dry and back on the bed

 and of course there needed to be a touch of cotton crochet too...
A 22 white flower garland in the making to hang on the curtain rail,
Hugs to all xx

Thursday 17 July 2014

I'm willing but the eyes aren't.....

Please remind me not to leave 21 pattern to write up and translate until the end will you?
Just the last 2 to do now but my head an eyes are struggling for today.
Another half made project to was a long scarf.
But when i tried it on this morning it sort of looked like a waistcoat.jacket front so i might continue on at a later date.
What do you think?
Don't you think it would make a great little waistcoat under a cardy or top coat, or even with sleeves as a jacket?
Made in rows of cross stitch, changing colour for every row and turning every row so the crosses line up easily.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun shine?
 I'm off to have a cuppa, sit in the sun and rest my eyes for an hour I think.
Hugs x

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Remodelled Granny finished...and a bit of felting to share.

Didn't go for the full on lacy effect but a decorative red finish, I'm happy is Mr T, turn your back for 2 seconds and one or other makes a new bed.
Felted Sunflower cuffs and hat
A book reject for you to see....

 So a totally different style asked for.... watch this space.
Almost finished the pattern writing for this week...thank goodness!
hugs to all x

Monday 14 July 2014

Hi.....still in the land of the living

Hi everyone.......Seems like months since I had time to do a blog post, not just weeks.
So much commissioned design work and almost half the projects finished for Book 2......
Had a couple of melt downs over the last few weeks but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
Even managed a day off on Saturday...and guess what I had a tidy up in the bursting at the seems craft room and remodelled a granny blanket, from months, if not a couple of years ago....found it in all the boxes of half made samples.
I just have 3 rounds to do I think, might manage a couple of hours 'me crochet' tonight and finish it....pattern writing by the bucket full at the moment

Just another couple of weeks and I hope things should be getting back to, something like normal again and I will be able to do a few blog posts again.
Missing you all
Hope everyone is OK and well?
Sorry to anyone who's mail hasn't been answered i will get back to you as soon as I can
Hugs to all x