Thursday 22 December 2016

Angel Wings Shawl PART 4

To be completed by New Year 2017

Before we start part 4 a TIP: check your first row of 'v' stitches, don't do what I did and find on the 2nd return row about 6" in, I had only done half of the 'v' stitch and had to rip back 12" of work.
Hope everyone is getting on OK? No huge problems have happened so far, one or two of us can't count, lol..... seems to be the only real problem, including me. So far all seems to be swimming along just fine....lots of help and friendly discussions are going on, on the Facebook group HERE. And thanks for the fabulous response to the Angel Wings Mini CAL.

If you want to join the fabulous hookers in the Facebook group and there are some really funny and entertaining chats going on then click the link above and request to join. 

There are also some great give aways too, when we reach certain targets, don't miss the freebies. 
My fabulous admin team of Chris Shepherd and Teresa Day are there to help, I pop in several times a day and all the group members are friendly and helpful, funny and sharing some fabulous Angel Wings as they progress.

By the end of part 3 I am getting to the end of a 100g ball of dk,
  in one yarn but not in another so the dk's can be different as we know.

 It is now a possible stop point and makes a 'Shawlette'  and is wearable already 
WITH THE ADDITION OF A a post to come next week

STITCHES: 'v' st...1dc [1tr] ch1 1dc [1tr],  in every other base st.
ie: 1dc [1tr], ch1, 1dc [1tr]

ROW 16: turn, ch2, miss a st, 1dc [1tr], ch1, 1dc [1tr], in next st,  miss a st, repeat 'v' st to point, in the point do a  'v' st with ch2 between the dc [tr], 
 miss a st repeat 'v' st, to end of row, finish with miss a st 1dc [1tr], in last sp.
(28 'V' sts, each side,  1 x 'v' st at point)

ROW 17: turn, ch 2, 'v' st. (1dc [1tr], ch1, 1dc [1tr]), in every 'v' to the point of the shawl, in the point of the shawl do a 'v' st with ch2 between the dc [tr] , repeat 'v' st to end finish with miss last st, 1dc [1tr] in sp between last 2sts.
(28 'v' sts each side, 1 'v' st at point
ROW 18: An increase row, turn, repeat row 17 but do 2  normal 'V' sts in the point 
(29 'v' sts each side)

ROW 19:  turn, Repeat row 17.
(29 'v' sts each side,  1 'v' sts with 2ch between dc [tr], at point )

ROW 20: turn, Repeat row 19
(29 'v' sts each side,  1 'v' sts with 2ch between dc [tr], at point )

ROW 21: Another increase row: 
turn, ch 2,  1 'v' sts in every 'v' with 2 normal 'v' sts in the point
(30 'v's sts each side)

Part 5/6 of the pattern tomorrow 


  1. Will this be out by Christmas? The final part as I would love to gift one of the ones I'm making to my mum

    1. Sorry not the final 300g one but you can stop at several different stages If you want to give it to someone for Christmas Merry Christmas xx

  2. Julie Plummer, it says at the top it will be complete by New Years 2017.