Sunday, 18 December 2016

Angel Wings Shawl...wrap a friend in a hug

Well on the way with the Angel Wings Shawl up to part 3 of the pattern ready to post through the week, and some new yarns to many lovely spaced dyed yarns you could use
How about this pretty mix of 3ply sock yarn and pale pink mohair
a soft and fluffy Angel Wings Shawl

 I might be adding a flower or two as decoration or additional pins...


 this one, another fabulous Indie yarn, hand dyed and mixed with a 3ply Baby soft Alpaca

This one is super soft and I have kept the space dyed merino running through the whole shawl and change the colour of the Alpaca for each part of the Pattern

Part 1: Pink Alpaca, 
Part 2: Burnt orange Alpaca, 
Part 3: Is in a Golden Yellow no pictures yet 

Get creative with your choices, sock yarns mixes well with lots of plain colours or mohair for an individual look

Links to all previous post listed here so don't miss anything to do with the Angel Shawl 


  1. Hi Sue, this looks lovely! I'm wondering, if I use sock yarn, what size hook would be best? And (not having read through all the pattern), would it be possible to extend it beyond the pattern, if it turns out smaller than I would want?

  2. Hi Trish yes you can use sock yarn and yes many in the Facebook group have extended the shawl into5 and 6 balls of yarn, usually for lacy sock wool shawl patterns i use a 3.5/4mm hook depends on you tension really try the first few rows and see how you feel. Have fun xx