Sunday 25 December 2016



A Nice new pair of sunglasses crying out for a new bead n bezel necklace and of course it had to be in my favourite yarn of the moment BATIK...

 So my afternoon project was a new necklace, a slightly different version to the first Bead n Bezel necklace in October last year.......Pattern HERE

And then there were two...
Bead N Bezel Necklace 
4mm hook
Stylecraft Batik used for this particular necklace but you could use any dk or 4ply
 About 9 beads make a good size necklace but yo can make as many as you need. DK yarn or finer but the finer the yarn the more sc [dc], you will need to do to fill the finger wrap.

 finger wrap of 10 wraps
 ROUND 1: 14sc [14dc], into the finger wrap, sl st to complete.
 ROUND 2: Cover the first 14sc [14dc], with 33sc [33dc], approx. another two rounds, sl st to complete, cut off and weave in end.
 ROUND 3: Att bezel yarn in any st, 2sc [2dc], in every st, this can vary by 1 or 2sts, on each bead, no need to count them it isn't that important they are all identical.

 ROUND 3: Second bead, 2sc [2dc], into half of the sts, again its approx. then do 2sc [2dc] into one extra sts, approx 18 cont. [36sc (36dc)]

 ROUND 3: Cont. to do 1 or 2sts, more than half of each bead until you reach the last bead.

 CHAIN CORD: ch approx, 60sts, longer or shorter if you require. be careful not to swist the necklace. 

 Att. ch, cord to the first bezel at approx half way,with a sl, 
 Return along the ch, on the side of the unfinished beads, 1sc [1dc], in each st
 when you reach the first unfinished bead n bezel, continue with the 2sc [2dc], in each st, of first bead
 when you reach the next bead sl st around the joining st.
 Continue with 2sc [2dc], in every st, and sl st, on the joining sts, until you reach the first completed bezel, sl around the joining st, leave a long end to sew off securely.
 The Bead N Bezel necklaces can be made in a selection of colours or in just one colour.

How to make the simple Buttons and the Gem Necklace
Bead 'n' Bezel

US Terms in Balck UK Terms in red Brackets

One finger wrap of 10 wraps.

ROUND1:sc [dc], into the circle 12times, sl st to complete.

ROUND 2: 40+sc [40+dc], into the circle over the top of round 1
 continue until you have a dughnut for a button and continue to fill the hole for a Gem
 NOTE: don't pull the stitches tight but not loose either.

Turn Gem over this is the side that will be on view

A doughnut for a button,
A Gem...fill the hole completely about 50-60+ sc [dc]

NOTE: How many sts you need will depend on your tension the figures are a guide, but all your button or Gems need to me made the same, so after the first one, make all buttons and Gems with the same number of sc [dc]

leave a long end for sewing
add to projects as decoration or as actual working buttons...the middle button is through a button hole in the mini bag above

Making a Gem Bezel 
Three finger wrap of 8 wraps

Round 1: 32sc [32dc], into the circle sl st to complete.(32sts)

Round 2: sc [dc], in every st, sl st to complete. (32sts)
Round 3: 2sctog [2dctog], x 16 times (16sts)
Round 4:2sctg [2dctog], x 8 times (8sts)
Round 5: 2sctog [2dctog], x 4 times (4sts)
Round 6: 2sctog [2dctog], x 2 times (2sts)

cut off and leave a long end for sewing 
turn the bezel inside out and reshape, pull long end through middle st, 

place a Gem inside the cup bezel pulling end through the middle of the bezel, 
the gem should sit snug inside the bezel,

Tie the two ends together one from the gem and one from the bezel

sew off the gem thread and use the bezel thread to join the gems in bezels 

Thread the long end to one side of the Gem, over stitch with small stitches the the next Gem.

Make several and sew together in a straight line for a bracelet or with a slight curve for a necklace.

Attach yarn to one bezel add a length of ch st, to fit.
Row 1: sc [dc], in every ch st sew off end securely

Make a set of Gems in the colour of your choice and join together in a variety of different designs.

In a triangle of 3, in a long row long enough to make a complete necklace, or join 7, 8 or 9 Gems together for a necklace

or 5 together as a bracelet or make a statement ring with a singe Gem

 This necklace is made in Merino and Alpaca


  1. Oh I love this necklace pattern of yours! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Christmas to you and your family xx

  2. Thanks a lot for your tutorial. This necklace is amazing! I especially love the color combination in your post first picture.

  3. Many thanks Susan, I have been looking for something light to wear as a necklace. I had cancer treatment four years ago on my neck and radiotherapy left my skin tender to touch so your pattern is ideal. Many thanks and a big hug

    1. Hi Annie, perfect for a light weight necklace, love mine lots, you hardly notice they are there have fun xxxx

  4. It is GRAND IDEA!!! Wonderful!!! Many thanks f0r pattern! And a special thanks for colour feeling!!! Irene