Friday, 5 August 2011

Single Crochet stripe in a colour before joining with cream.....thanks for the help

Would have finished the blanket easily yesterday....
but my son turned up for a few hours, he's off to 
Llafranc, Catalonia today for a few days...have a fabulous time James cya soon...lucky you
But l managed to decide with James' help and joined 6 of the blocks together by bedtime last night
Even 6 blocks would make a lovely cot blanket with a stripy border to finish it off
but l will add the other 3 blocks today to make a square...may be make a 6 block one another project
Thanks again for the input l really couldn't chose what to do but James said it needed some colour 
To be honest l think probably all the versions would work
and l do love all the blankets made with an all white/cream background but it has been done to death a bit and l wanted something a little different just for a change
A new flower l made while we sat and talked..didn't need to concentrate as much with these
l'll post a pattern link as soon as the blanket is finished
Hopefully today..unless l get a call to take them to the Airport later today!

Hugs to all have fun xx

A Thought for Today..
Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.  ~Mildred B. Vermont
Hope you have a wonderful Time James


  1. The result is just beautiful Suz. Hope James has a happy holiday.
    A x

  2. Hi Suz,
    Wonderful colors and flowers. Heike wishes you a nice weekend.

  3. I like the way you have joined the 4 and then put a solid border around them. Very nice! James is one smart cookie to suggest a bit more color. Happy days to all, Tammy

  4. Really pretty. You made the right choice in the end. xx

  5. It's all lovely. Love the new flower too. And son James is going to a very lovely place, isn't he!!!