Sunday, 14 August 2011

Flower show with a suprise to end the day....

We had a fabulous time at the Flower much to see, something for everyone
A Prize winning Garden from the Local Council, was really impressive and all made from Recycled Materials
fabulous flowers

 wonderful plants
a wonderful show
stunning flower arrangements
and metal sculpture from a local artist too...
We all had a wonderful day but all were exhausted and returned home after a great meal in town before the fireworks....all ready for a cuppa and an early night


Opened the front door to be met by water pouring down the walls and from every light fitting, and we paddled into the kitchen
No electricity and no water, COMING OUT OF THE TAPS ANYWAY!
A couple of hours of mopping up and moving furniture was dryer out there
Our friends went home instead of stopping the night and we fell into bed

Dave and Alison, for the mopping up help and sorry your overnight bag was full of water

Was spent on the phone to the insurance company again, mopping out kitchen cupboards and sympathy from the Insurance Plumber (sent to us but wasn't Gas Certificated...bit silly hey?) so our Gas Certificated Plumber came within the hour of ringing him to try and fix the sodden boiler so we could put the heating on to dry out
Phil felt awful, a pipe to the old electric shower, that we had disconnected and capped had blown the cap, it was as if someone had turned a tap ON upstairs and walked away, at least it was clean water!

 The plumber assured Phil we had done nothing wrong and he couldn't understand why it had blown, any plumber would have capped the pipe exactly the same of those things l'm afraid

I've mostly been in good spirits and laughed my way through most of could have been worse, we were all ok, the boys were howling in the dry conservatory, but all ok and the house was still standing lol

The kitchen floor is shot in places, the kitchen units are drying out and seem ok, the carpets and rugs are now laid out in the garden and the saved furniture is piled in the dry areas and although we had no electricity and eventually no water on Friday night by Saturday afternoon all was dried out enough and working again

Fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher and microwave all working ok now

The walls are drying slowly, the wallpaper is still up, although a bit blistered in a couple of places and the carpets are in the garden and the floors drying....but hey ho!
We are all ok and still have a house all be it a bit damp at the moment

Drying out nicely by bed time last night

Hugs to all
Have a super Sunday..Christening for us this morning


  1. Oh Suz - what a b.....! Shout if you need a hand with anything! You will soon have it right. Hugs - Jo

  2. Who's idea was it to have a new bathroom? Isn't it sods law that this had to happen when you were out so there was loads of mess to tidy up. My heart goes out to you, Chin up.

    Judith x

  3. No!!! That is so unfair after all the work you have been putting into the place. What a great attitude you have about it though.

  4. You poor things. This is SO unfair. Hugs.

  5. Oh no! this reminds me of the floods here in Queensland ....the big difference is that this is clean water and will dry out. So sorry Suz didn't deserve this.

  6. Oh no! How awful after all you've done. I'd be howling in the conservatory too. What rotten luck.I hope it all dries out really fast, and your insurance company are in like lightning!

  7. Well, you really tricked us with that post. Started out lovely, then....I'm so sorry for what happened. I would be devastated. You see to be taking it well, so said for your wonderful personality. Good Luck.

  8. Oh no, what a disaster! Hope everything dries out ok.

  9. Oh bless you both. What a b******. Really hope it hasn't undone too much of all your hard work. Lets hope we have a few warm dry days for you.
    A x

  10. hi suz i have followed your blog for one year and thank you so much for your inspirational ideas. I see you as a very positive woman who will not let this 'setback' get you down! easier said than done you are probably thinking but coming from someone who has learned to overcome huge setbacks over the past five years or so, to me, good health surpasses all and your family will get over this 'blip' and come out bigger and better people for the experience(Dublin.Ireland)

  11. Oh how terrible Suz! I really feel sorry for you and your family. Hope everything turns out ok and I hope not too many things are damaged. Take care!

  12. Thanks everyone...drying out slowly
    Lumpy floor and brown patch wall art appearing right now..but could have been sooo much worse
    WE WILL SURVIVE hehehe
    Hugs to all xx

  13. Sorry to hear your unfortunate news Suz.
    All the best.

  14. Hey, what is it with you and taps? I seem to remember a bath that overflowed earlier in the year. LOL! Doesn't make it funny though ;(

  15. Oh dear, I just read this, what a bad end to such a good day! Glad that the assurance covers a lot but you still have all the mess and work. Hugs!