Wednesday 21 December 2011


Octagon Daisy Pattern
top two motifs have a filled in centre to do that start with a circle of 8dc, I prefer the holes. 

US Terms
4mm hook dk yarn
5mm hook Aran yarn

change colour for each round 

Make a loose finger wrap of 5 wraps, or you can ch5, but the finger wrap saves on yarn, has no end, and looks neater.

ROUND 1: ch2(counts as first dc), 15dc into wrap, sl st to complete. (16dc)

ROUND 2: 2sc into each st, sl st to complete. [32sc]

ROUND 3: clusters of 4 trtr, [yarn over 4 times, pull through 5 times] but worked over 2st, and held after the 4th pull through on the hook so the last pull through is through all 4 sts, clustering the petal tog. ch3 repeat for all 16 petals, sl st to complete. [16 petals of 4trtr clusters]

ROUND 4:3dc, ch3 3dc, [corner] in any ch3 sp, 4dc in next ch3 sp, [side], repeat for all 8 sides. [10dc each side x 8]

join as you go between each 4dc at sides and the 3dc in corners, use a sl st to join the the first competed octagon.


Finger wrap of 5 wraps, 
ROUND 1: ch2 counts as first dc, 3dc ch3, 4dc, ch3, 4dc, ch3, 4dc, ch3, sl st to complete. [4dc each side]

ROUND 2: Join as you go in the corners by using a sl st to replace the 2nd ch st.
2dc, ch1, sl st, ch1, 2dc, [corner] in first ch3 sp, 1dc in next 4sts, repeat to end joining in each corner, sl st, to complete. [8dc each side]

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