Saturday 17 December 2011

Big mind Little mind?....

Rapid River Magazine March 2007

 Two dimensions of mind..... 
From this perspective, to be what Western culture calls conscious is really to be unconscious. 

It is to be unaware of the limitless potentiality of life. 

It is to be limited to living in the world of forms created by the conditions and conditioning of the egoic mind. We are physiologically awake, but psychologically and spiritually asleep.
I'll agree with that one

Time of year?
I fear I am not in my perfect mind. – King Lear
The world of stresses and worries and errands and projects and noise that we must all endure inflicts upon us a mind full of clutter and chaos.
A mind that sometimes cannot find the calm that we so desperately seek....

15 Can’t-Miss Ways to Declutter Your Mind

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