Thursday 15 December 2011

Making myself a promise.......

Circles from an Experiment in June 2009 
Combined with the new blanket piece l started the other day and the experiments from yesterday 

Making myself a promise to complete a project a month using one of the experiments that are filling my craft room, from the last couple of years.
June 2009 was when l picked up the hook again after years of no hooky

Enjoy your day x

Just remembered James Brown a friend of my son James died today 2years ago now...thinking of his family on this day


  1. Sounds like a good promise to me! I should probably do the same thing. Leftovers and half finished projects are littering my craft room too!

  2. Hi...we should start a cal for it hehe
    So many experiments really need to come to a conclusion, mixed with new stuff l'm sure l will be able to stick with it lol....crossing every thing though lol

  3. Sounds like you have boxes full of half finished projects to finish Suz....will be watching with interest :-)
    A x

  4. That does sound like a good plan :) Can't wait to see everything you finish (although I do love seeing your random playing with motif :-P).

  5. Wow! This is fabulous - what a great experiment! Love how you approach these things :) Kx

  6. Finally, I couldn't get to the comment part earlier. This is so much fun watching all the goodies I've seen before come together. You always amaze me. You are one quick stitcher.

  7. Thanks everyone....Almost left blogging land for all sorts of reasons
    But I looked to myself for a reason to stay and play hooky with friends
    There will be a few changes l think and I hope the new layout doesn't cause as many problems as it did the first time

    Merry Christmas everyone

  8. one project per day, nice idea. Maybe I should follow the good example

    Merry Christmas


  9. Lillain! one project a day? l know l can go some but one a month sounds easier hehehe