Monday, 26 November 2018

Final day of Sue Pinner's workshop...

Thanks to Phil for keeping us all fed and watered all weekend, a wonderful job xx. 

Thanks to everyone who came and i'm assured enjoyed the fun, chat, new friends made, the goody bags, all the yarn, new patterns and crackers too lol...lots of new project to keep you busy now Hookers?


Some started The Weekend, some just did a sample of the weekender for future makes and went back to the main pattern,

 and in all the fun and chat we forgot to take pictures of everyones Weekender samples....oops!

another off shoot of the main pattern
modelled by Chris, thanks your a gem and a good friend xx

and Debbie for modelling the main wrap pattern

Thanks to all who join me for a wonderful weekend xx

What a cracker!

Next workshop will be released in January for sometime towards the end of March 


  1. Fantastic weekend, Phil and Sue were just the best hosts! A goody bag like you wouldn’t believe and so many new tricks learnt! If you were hesitant to go on this one...just go for the next one. I didn’t know anyone at all and I feel that I have come away with ten new friends. Brilliant weekend, highly recommended! X

    1. Hi Roxanne, thanks so pleased you all enjoyed the weekend, thanks for the recommendation LOTS AND LOTS MORE TO COME....i hope Loved the whole weekend of fun xxxx

  2. Lovely! Do you have a pattern for sale for the wrap that Chris is modelling? I'm sitting her freezing in Canada and winter hasn't even started. Would love to make it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Niviob, sorry no it was a workshop pattern fot those who attended the workshop only xx