Thursday 19 May 2011

Last stages of the kitchen make-over

Almost finished...
lighter, brighter and more space

 before...although the units are the same but they looked darker and heavier than they do now
It's made a big difference removing the upper units, good riddance to the corridor effect l say

Still a bit of finishing off to do but about 90% complete...for now
Some day we will replace the floor for oak and the unit doors for white...then it really will be complete
but for now we're happy

Front door to change, stairs to replace and the 'put off' bathroom to follow, hoping to do all 3 before the end of the year
Short list of new front doors...

Have a thoughtful Thursday
Hugs to all xx


  1. Lovely Suz
    Have a great week

  2. Hey, Suz, you have to have such a patience. Make overs are never easy or pleasant. After everything done, it is always two reliefs: one for having the rooms renewed and the other is the end of the make over. hehehe!

    Your kitchen was really heavy. Now it will be lighter and much more pleasant, as you said. We can notice it. For the doors, I simply loved the last one. It is very trendy.

    Hugs and all the best for you.

  3. Looks like you are one busy gal. Will be glad to see you done and back relaxed.

  4. Top row, third from left is my favourite door.

  5. If your going to get a new door I can strongly recommend thinking about how you might want to dress it for xmas etc. I have a door its virtually impossible to hang a wreath on and I love them so much :-(
    I would also look at the strength of the door to intruders, my brother had one where they smashed the glass and easily reached the lock. Its such an important buy and not cheap. Its worth putting thought to it :-)