Friday, 6 May 2011

Wisteria survived

Not quite as many blooms this year but we did cut it back quite heavily.
Training it up and over the front window and around the corner of the house, it is following the wires we put up but no blooms on the 1st year growth.
 Next year should see a big difference..fingers crossed

2011 after retraining over the front window and around the corner of the house...
last year 2010 lots more blooms but only in front of the conservatory 
At least we didn't kill it off completely!

The Peonies are looking stunning too...

for all the kitchen comments, still a bit to do to finish it off but it certainly has become a space we spend lots of time in now...a real 'feel good' space fabulously light and bright 

Having lost 5 small cupboards l reorganised what was left, can't believe we still have empty cupboards...just shows what you can do if you move shelves around and add door pockets and key hooks.
All so tidy and organised now and l like that everything has it's own place
We've found and have been using kitchen equipment that hasn't been used for over a more cooking going on especially with the extra work top space in my favourite corner by the window
Bright pink and green 'LOOK' happening there right now but it might be blue next week...who knows!
We are adding this huge mirror to the opposite wall between the chairs and it has filled the space with even more light...a place we now linger in with morning coffee, radio 4 and chat

Sorry no hooky stuff right now 
and none planned a few things need finishing off really, but more into DIY for now.
I'm sure l'll get back to it some day or maybe a bit of sewing but for now nothing on the hook to share
 Been having a few router problems that have stopped me using my laptop in not spending as much time on line as l was but getting up and doing other stuff for now so l'm a bit slow at returning messages so sorry for that too but sometimes life just has to come first

Thinking of you all though

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and big hugs to all


  1. I love watching you with all the changes of week it's hooky, next week it's DIY etc etc Love it so keep up the happy blogging.
    See you soon,
    A x

  2. I love home decor, and I am excited to watch your spaces evolve and become "personalized" :)

  3. Those peonies are gorgeous! Wow. They would burn to a crip here in Texas. I'd love to try some in a shaded area though. Absolutely stunning.

  4. Gosh I just love wisteria!! We had one a couple of years ago but in it's second year we had to move it because we had a garden room built and it didn't survive the upheaval - must get another one.

    Your kitchen is looking good!!

    S x

  5. Hey Suz, wow I love the Wisteria and especially how lush your Peonies are! I do love them and had some but they eventually died out. Time for new ones! And hey, I don't come to your blog just for hooky.. I love all the things you do. I actually changed the name of my blog and took off the work "crochet" as it's just not all I do. Love you.. Teresa

  6. Gorgeous peonies Suz - fab colour aren't they!

  7. LOVE that corner! And the green glass on the top by the tulips =-) Everything is so bright and light and airy!

  8. The wisteria is beautiful. I can't remember ever seeing it in the flesh. It is not common here. Your sitting space looks very comfortable.

  9. My gosh's been awhile since I have logged on to catch up on blogs! Your kitchen turned out absolutely amazing! You guys did a fabulous job! I always enjoy your pictures because they are so vibrant with color and creativity! And your flowers are breathtaking...thank you so much for sharing with us!