Saturday 30 April 2011

FLOATING SHELVES UP...l know l said l wouldn't but l'm real pleased with them

Another THANKS to
He made me two solid floating shelves by the window...ready for the pasta and rice jars 
We have a lot of the Ikea floating shelves and they really aren't stable and solid and l want to put storage jars on them in the kitchen so they needed to be stronger
Took him all morning but these babies are going no where! lol
All the new under unit trim is on, ready for me to paint, l need some wet and dry to get the best finish and with so many 'finishing off ' jobs l still haven't got to the tiles
today and tomorrow should see the tiles all finished
Then all we need to finish off for this stage of the kitchen make over is the wall that needs plastering and the kick boards

It's lovely having tidy cupboards again...although we lost 5 small units, l needed to reorganise shelves and l've managed to still have some space left inside a cupboard or two
Thanks again Phil for all your hard work this Easter hols...looking great as always

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs to all
Quick Kitchen Update May 1st
...all the tiles are on just need to grout them clear the space and plaster the opposite wall and put up the shelf, little bit of painting to do to finish everything
Thanks for all the lovely kind comments...after the doubts l had l am real pleased with this weeks remodel

Hugs to All


  1. I'm really loving seeing your kitchen transform. Phil is doing a great job. Is that shiny, stripy burst of colour going to be a splash back or is it a super dooper chopping board?

  2. Suz, it is looking fantastic. I bet you are so pleased. Have fun in your new kitchen.

  3. Suz, your kitchen looks very nice and big. I like the shelves as well.

    Phil did an amazing job. Well done Phil!

    Have a nice day,

  4. Everything looks so gorgeous, as usual! You do have a gem of a husband in Phil it seems. Hang onto that one.

  5. So beautiful and light and airy! What a wonderful place to cook! My kitchen is moving along...I think maybe another week and it will be done...I hope! I love my sink. Have I mentioned I love my sink?? I do love my sink! =-)

  6. what a great job, almost there then you can both relax and enjoy x

  7. Wow, Suz, it's looking FAB! Isn't it great to have a new kitchen? We re-did ours 7 years ago and I've just loved it. Hugs, Teresa

  8. It's so hard to believe colour can change a room so much.
    I love what you have done.
    Looking great.

  9. It is great to catch up with you now that I am back blogging again - it all looks lovely - I especially like the red kettle and red spotty jar!

    Pomona x